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    Cool Who is your favourite Jedi Council Mmember?

    Whoose everyone's favourite Jedi Council Member in the Phantom Menace? As you should be able to tell from my name, my favourite is Saesee Tiin. He is just so cool, with those long horns, and that haunting face. Also, (as seen in Acts of War), he has a purple lightsaber, which is the rarest colour (I know of only two other Jedi with that colour up to TPM). And, he is a brilliant fighter, as we may see in AOTC!!!
    I also like Even Piell and Oppo Rancisis, but nowhere near as much. What about everyone else?
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    I have a hard time choosing between Tiin and Ki-adi-mundi[spelling?]
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    Being an old guy myself, I would have to say Yoda is my favorite!

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    Yoda, definitely. And Mace Windu came a close 2nd

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    Yarael Poof, he's got 4 arms, a long head, and he studies the situation carefully, instead of simply saying "oh, he's too old" or "no way this kid is gettin' in my house!"

    I simply hate Oppo Rancis though, that thing has no place in any SW film.
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    Plo Koon is my fave. With those custom jobby Sunglasses, he just out-cools Mace "Sammy Jackson" Windu.

    Least fave is Even Piell who is an ugly pink Yoda rip-off who fell on his or her own lightsaber and is too proud/stupid to jump in a bacta tank to fix it.
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    I like Plo Koon too. I never really did like him until I played Jedi Power Battles for the Playstation.

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    Question My Favorite

    I can't decide yet . I haven't seen any of them fight yet . But I do have to say , Plo Koon is awesome on Jedi Power Battles .
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    Without a doubt, Plo Koon. He's cool in Jedi Power Battles and he has some of the most impressive Force abilities (see his Jedi Force File) IMO.


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