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    Why didn't Vader.....?

    ....sense that Leia had the Force with her yer he could sense that Luke had the Force with him in ANH and Leia got even closer to him than Luke? After all, Luke and Leia are twins.

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    That's cuz Luke was Force-sensitive, while Leia was only Force-attuned during A New Hope. Sorry, I'm being sarcastic Anyone who plays the CCG would know what I'm poking fun at ("Help me Rollo Tomasi, you're my only hope").

    Vader also read Luke's mind about his twin in Episode VI, yet he couldn't read Leia's mind about the Rebel base in Episode IV. Who knows, maybe PMS can block the ways of the Force.

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    I'd suggest something about the Midichlorians but I'll just get yelled at.

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    "The Midichlorians are strong with this one"
    -- Darth Vader, Episode IV --

    "For my ally is the Midichlorians, and a powerful ally they are"
    -- Yoda, Episode V --

    "May the Midichlorians be with us"
    -- Admiral Ackbar, Episode VI --

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    Thumbs down

    Damn the Midichlorians, they ruined everything.
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    Luke had started his journey towards becoming a Jedi when he was training with Obi-Wan. Even then, however, Vader only sensed Luke in ANH when Obi-Wan came to Luke, Obi-Wan's merging with the Force is what Vader was sensing, I believe. In ESB, Luke has let his training lapse a bit and Vader doesn't sense Luke's presence in the attacking Snowspeeders. It's only when Luke begins his training with Yoda that the Emperor and Vader sense a disturbance in the Force. I think the pattern there is that when Luke applies himself, that's when he makes his Force-presence known. Leia never began the training to become a Jedi and thus, wouldn't have shown up on the Dark siders' radar.
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    What follows is complete speculation. . . .

    Vader didn't sense the Force in Leia because she wasn't aware of it and therefore couldn't use it at a conscious level. However, like many who became Jedi later in life, she could use it at a subconscious level. (EG, Anakin could pilot podracers, Luke could shoot womp rats, Kyp Durron could fly blindfolded through the mines of Kessel, and Corran Horn had incredible skills of deduction.) Leia was a senator, and unknowingly used the Force in diplomacy and negotiation, which required a good deal of keeping ones intentions secret. Therefore, Leia was able to block mind probes by Vader, and Vader either didn't put two and two together, or figured she was as good as dead and it wasn't worth worrying about another possible Force user.
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    The answer to all these questions is the same; because the movie audience wasn't supposed to know it yet.

    Why didn't Vader recognize Threepio on the Death Star or Cloud City?
    Why didn't Ben run real fast through the Death Star, or away from Vader instead of being killed?
    Why didn't Vader know Leia had Force tendencies?
    Why didn't Ben mention Qui-Gon to Luke?
    Why weren't all the Jedi extinguished by the Emperor's purge, sicne so many were alive in EU stories?
    Why wasn't the 2nd in command on the Jedi Council (Yoda) killed?

    Et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.
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    Qui-Gon sensed that the force was with Anakin and he was only attuned to the force at that time so why couldn't Vader/Anakin sense something 'special' about Leia when she was only attuned to the force.

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    Originally posted by master jedi
    Qui-Gon sensed that the force was with Anakin and he was only attuned to the force at that time so why couldn't Vader/Anakin sense something 'special' about Leia when she was only attuned to the force.

    Good point! This is what happens when you have to start rationalizing and justifying plot points that were ill-conceived in the first place. The dominos start falling like crazy.


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