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    The New Hasbro Website

    Has anyone else looked at the site yet? Why can't Hasbro get it right?

    The product index isn't right. There are only 2 3 3/4" figures in the Power of the Jedi????? Missing pictures of old figures, or even the wrong figure? Release dates that have no bearing on reality.

    Will they finally update the database on a regular basis, or will it be the same as the last several website attempts (new figures finally show up months after they are released).

    The graphics look nice, but what I really want is decent content (do the fluff later).

    Just had to vent

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    It's a joke and purely cosmetic. What they should have done is shown us the process of making the figures. Something with a little more depth than a catalogue of promotional material that isn't even good quality pics. And the glaring mistakes hardly acts as a good advert does it?

    They also made the background transparent so if you have your PC workspace set to a different colour than white, it looks really horrible and messy and like a half assed attempt... well it is anyway but even more so actually. The website look more like a hobby than a corporate site. Dismal attempt. 2/10

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    they should make it more like
    I don't mean the color or something like that but they always have good and regular updates, many different sections and good pictures of the toys

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    1. Hasbro doesn't care.
    2. WOTC doesn't care.
    3. Lucasfilm doesn't care.
    4. Retailers (Wal-Mart, Target, etc) don't care.

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    Thats bad, i used to check on that site b4 i found SSG, and it was disturbing the way the handled things at that site, no news, no pics, nothing.
    As always...........L

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    Well, since WOTC IS Hasbro.....there's no need to mention that they both don't care.......

    although, they don't
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