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    Yoda's species/ home planet?

    Do you guys think Lucas will ever reveal them?

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    No. And I hope not. He has already screwed up Boba Fett's whole mystery to him.
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    I don't think Lucas will reveal it in the films, but maybe once he's done it will be opened up in the EU.

    I'm actually surprised that he put Yaddle in TPM, I always thought Yoda would be the only one we see

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    Mickey Suttle says Yoda is a Whill, and his full name is Yoda D' Kana.

    Since he personally knows Lucas, I'm sure its the Gospel truth.

    Sorry, I just love making fun of this guy.

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    i guess we'll see. If this guys is GL friend then why does he ruin the secreats that GL tries to keep.
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    i personally dont want to know, i like the thought of it being a mystery, i agree he did screw up fett, but i still love him...(fett that is)
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    I agree. Yoda's species and homeworld should remain unknown.


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    I don't think this will ever be revealed, but I think it would be very interesting to find out. I can see all kinds of interesting explanations for Yoda's species, their homeworld, and their place in the Star Wars universe.

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    Interesting, but I don't think that Supershadow guy knows his arse from a hole in the ground.......

    Lucas would NEVER allow something like that to happen......
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    i have to say yoda is my fav charcter by far but i think maybe only his spiceis not homeworld just so we can classify him.
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