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    Entertainment Earth Selling AOTC Now!

    My buddy bought a few cases of AOTC from Entertainment Earth on FRiday. He went down to pick them up, so I dont know if they are selling them just there or online as well. Also I called and after a few minutes of talking to the guy on the phone, he agreed to sell me a few cases even though I didnt preorder any, if I came down in person. SO I guess they are selling them. Although another friend called as well and they told him they arent selling them yet, so I guess it depends on who you talk to. You might want to call and check it out. But I know he got them cause I saw the cases and the receipt. SO if you dont mind paying a little more, actually its Entertainment Earth, so alot more ( Nobody rips off the collectors better then our good pals over at Entertainment Earth) then call them up and get your cases now, cause even though they arent up on the website for in stock, they are selling them now that is Confirmed.
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