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    I don't think I'd ever get rid of, nor repair, the figures that were mine from the start. I would "hunt a new one down," as you said, Taichi. Cases in point:

    -My Hoth Han has his head glued, and his gloves colored black.

    -My Walrusman has my initials drawn on his thigh (since his boots are black). My initials? Why, BCJ of course!

    -My SW Threepio is now tarnished to silver, and missing his left hand.

    -My Chewbacca has a "blond streak" in his head, from being too close to a stove once.

    Now, I do have duplicates that I bought later from collectible shops or where ever. Could I part with these "less-than mint" loose ones? Never! :happy: Arr!
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    I couldn't get rid of or repair my vintage figures either. The ones I had as a kid for just to precious. Lots of my are beat up but still look good. I have gone a new Lando and Ben because my original are is terrible shape.
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