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    Question Reissued Vintage Figures!

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    Haha, April Fools

    SirSteve was the only one to get me this year

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    Not falling again...

    nice try!
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    har har har...
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    Angry what??

    What!!an anpril fool's joke?,I swear I didnt know that!!anyway they did'nt say anything about any April Fool's joke in!are you sure??!!

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    Cool Not so sure?

    Today wouldn't be the best day to trust any news. You know how people like to play little jokes. Besides, These figures aren't inovative or something we would want to open. That's what Steven Sansweat said, and his word is GOD.
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    Re: Not so sure?

    Originally posted by icatch9
    That's what Steven Sansweat said, and his word is GOD.
    Now that is a great joke !

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    I find reissued Vintage figures all the time nowadays. Except the poses are worse and the prices are higher. No joke. Well, the quality is, I suppose...
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    I only wish this were true!

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    I agree....

    I am a collector of the Vintage line.....and my figures are really starting to show their age....

    my Biker Scout (One of my favorite figures) head is starting to spot up, and I'm feeling a little I hunt a new one down, or do I simply paint the head of the one I have???

    I dunno.......I like 'em, but they weren't made to last......shame too.....maybe I'll just hafta make castings of the 'real' ones, so that they can live on in some fashion......
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