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    How I got my order in for the Toyfair Vader

    I sent the FC this email last Friday morning since I wasn't able to get in and order the Toyfair Vader the previous night.

    To whom it may concern,

    After hours of trying last night to get through to order the Toy Fair 2002 25th Anniversary Darth Vader, I find out that it has been out of stock again! This is frustrating and is totally unacceptable. I'm pretty sure some members have already doubled up on their orders from the first batch. Why can't you guarrantee that every member get this figure? Those that have already ordered before should not be able to order again until all the other members have been able to do so.


    I didn't think much that the FC would respond to my email anyway. Just thought I'd vent my frustration about it. But yesterday I got this email from the FC.

    We know that the site was severely overburdened last Thursday night and was unable to process many people's orders. You will have one more chance to purchase this item, though. We will have a very limited number available for members only by phone only on Wednesday 3/27/02 at or slightly after 9:00 AM Pacific time, Wednesday. We do not recommend telling anyone about this as there are very limited numbers available and this is intended for people that missed out on ordering through no fault of their own.

    Hope that helps,
    Star Wars Fan Club

    This morning I was on the phone for about 30 minutes before I got through. Yes! I did get my order in.

    Kudos to the folks at the FC for responding to my email.
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    They're still for members only, which is a load of crock.
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    Angry Damaged Vader

    I have just received 4 Toyfare Fair Vaders from the Fanclub and they are ALL damaged! The paint on the back has rubbed off in spots and the lightabers have paint chips on them. The cards are dinged up and one edge on one is completely smashed. I thought these were collector grade and were being shipped out in awesome condition. When I called to ask for replacements, the fan club said they can only give out a refund. All that time online and on the phone is now wasted!

    I am wondering are there problems with anyone elses figures???


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    I am so sorry to hear of your misfortune!!! I didn't order one of these... now I'm kinda glad! Now... conversely- My AOTC poster arrived in MINT condition. I don't understand the logic in their packaging techniques.
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    I recived mine today thru Fed-X and it was in GREAT shape sorry to hear about your damaged one's. I also recived an extra Ody W/Pit Droid. Did any one else get a free figure??? :happy: :happy:

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    I'm also sorry to hear about that. Its just another sign of how crappy the fan club has gotten, very poorly run. The club just emailed me that mine was mailed on the 22nd, I ask then where the hell is it!! I tell you what, if mine is smashed I'll be pretty ****ed off after paying special shipping charges. I guess the only worse thing that could happen is not getting it at all. If it does get samshed and I have to get a refund, then I'm going to demand the interest for the time my credit card has been charged, Like that would happen
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    heck, I'll take a damaged one off you. I couldn't order one as I do not have a membership

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    Mine showed up yesterday in good condition. However, I did notice today on the First USA website that my VISA was charged FOUR TIMES for the order. Yes, four times. I tried calling on my lunchbreak both yesterday and today, but after being on hold for 20 minutes I hung up.

    How did you get to order 4 of them? I thought there was a limit of two.

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    I have more than one membership

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    Cool Win a Toy Fair Vader

    For those unable to pick up a Toy Fair Vader through the Fan Club, a few sites are giving some away in the coming days.

    Jundlandwastes plans on giving one away soon. Keep checking the website for further details.

    Yakface plans on giving one to the 500th poster on their new forums. The only condition, your posts have to be legitimate, no post padding.

    Finally, there is still a little time left to enter Hasbro's Celebration II Sweepstakes for a chance at one of 30 Toy Fair Vaders if I remember correctly, not to mention a chance to possibly win the Celebration II Exclusive figure.


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