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    Bit part actors in other movies (a little contest)

    In one of my lasts posts (the greedo one) some interesting facts came Garrick Hagon (Biggs) also played Bruce Waynes father in Batman, which also starred Billy Dee Wiliams (Harvey Dent) and as well William Hootkins (Porkins) who played LT. Eckhart...Just wondering anyone else know any other films (besdies the Samuel L or Harrison Ford etc...) that some small role SW actors were in? How many movies had multiple SW actors like Batman?......and don't forget Boba Fett in Swing Kids!!!! ...lets see who can come up with the most SW actors in one movie....time to put those internet skills to far the record is three.......doesn't matter how small the role so long as they were in any star wars movies ( and for the sake of numbers we can allow some of SW major yes Harrison Ford will count........
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    The Blues Brothers movie had carrie and Frank Oz in it
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    Good call GNT.

    Muskrat's query had me stumped, and I am upset that I did not think of the Blues Brothers.

    Didn't Oz's flick, Indian in the Cupboard, have a fighting Darth Vader figure? I know it does not fit the question, but I'm scraping here . . . . kid in a Yoda costume in E.T. . . . I better bail out.

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    I thought of a legitimate example - Irvin Kershner in "Angus."

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    This may take the cake as the king of obscurity, but . . .

    Niki Botelho, the actress who played Teek, appeared in Batman Returns as an emperor penguin ! ! !

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    Here's a good one Sir Alec Guinness and Michael Culver (Captain Needa) were in Passage To India
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    Thumbs up

    Most know, but Mark Hamill and Carrie FIsher are in Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back.
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    Originally posted by Caesar
    Niki Botelho, the actress who played Teek, appeared in Batman Returns as an emperor penguin ! ! !
    Aww, ya beat me to it, Caesar! BTW, did you know you can edit your posts?

    Porkins is Eckhardt?!? File that under "Wouldn't have recognized him in a million years." Cool.

    Here's a couple of more obvious ones:
    Sleepy Hollow: Ian McDiarmid and Ray Park
    several Tom Clancy movies: James Earl Jones and Harrison Ford
    Time Bandits: Kenny Baker & Jack Purvis
    several 50s horror flicks: Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee
    Willow: this is a complete guess, but I'll bet there are about fifty former Ewoks in there!

    Wasn't there another Star Wars actor (like Jeremy Bulloch, perhaps) in one or more of the Indy movies?
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    Hootkins was also the army intelligence guy in Raiders of the Lost Ark, which starred Harrison Ford.

    The guy who played Veers, Julian Glover, also was the bad guy in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade with Harrison Ford.

    Jeremy Bulloch has done several James Bond films, The Spy Who Loved Me as a crewmember of the British sub, and For Your Eyes Only (with Julian Glover) and Octo***** as Q's assistant Smithers.

    Superman II seems to be the winner though, it had Terence Stamp (Valorum in E1), John "Cliff Claven" Ratzenberger (Mjr. Derlin in ESB), John Hollis (Lobot in ESB), Angus MacInnes (Gold Leader from ANH), John Morton (Dack in ESB), Richard LeParmentier (Motti in ANH), and Marc Boyle (a stuntman on ROTJ).
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    For those of you who don't know already, the internet movie database website is the best site out there if you need help in finding, for instance, what other movies did Jeremy Bulloch appear in and other such queries. It also has the full listing for cast and crew and neat facts and trivia about certain movies.
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