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    Pretty Cool Kmart Store Promotionals.

    Lucas Films, Kmart and participating brand partners are bringing an exciting promotion to Kmart and its shoppers. Customers who make a Star Wars merchandise purchase (Min. $10 Value) at Kmart beginning April 28th will receive a collectible Star Wars Character Card. Each card has a special offer attached, one lucky winner will receive a life-size R2-D2 and C3PO from Lucas Films valued at $25,000.00. Two thousand other winners will receive an official Star Wars 1-sheet movie poster. Remaining cards all have special offers from $1.00 off of a Star Wars Action Figure to $2.00 off Star Wars LEGO Systems. Stores will receive 175-700 cards based on sales volume.

    The second promotion is the Frito-Lay Star Wars Clone Trooper Sweepstakes. Each store will receive one life-sized standee of 'Clone Trooper'. The Trooper is to be given away as the Grand Prize on or about May 28th (Except for CA, OH and MI where the drawings will occur on or about June 17th). The Frito-Lay representitive will bring in a special Clone Trooper Returns entry box and (5) entry pads. The Trooper standee is valued at $50.00.

    Now, where can I to put two lifesized droids if I win them. Ah, the restroom.
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    Cool! I'll have to get to KMart more often

    R2's dome could make a great soap dish, and 3PO could be converted to a nice towel holder . . . *crossing my fingers, hoping I win*

    Any idea as to how many different cards will be available?

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    I shop at Kmart all the time, too!! :happy:

    I'd love to win either droid. That would be really nice.
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    Speak for yourself.
    Id rather have a life-sized standup of Martha Stewart.
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    The Clone Trooper is only valued at $50? I'm guessing it'll be like the ones at ToyFair and will be available later on if you want one.

    I'd love a life-size R2 and 3PO though, think of the awesome pictures you could while wearing a costume. Where would I put them though, I mean my room is pretty small, I guess R2 could stand by my bed and hold my alarm clock on it's dome, and 3PO could be in my bath room for like someone said, a towel-holder.

    Definitely gonna have to go to K-Mart more often, if even just for the character cards.
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    ..will see them on EBAY soon enough and in a year you will be able to name your price. Kmart must be hurt'n for customers.
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    Cool..I still have my SW posters from TPM K-Mart gave me,free of charge ..One K-Mart doesnt have any SW stuff
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    The droids would be cool and my wife thinks so to[as she rolls her eyes] Yes , I think with in a year or so you will see them on ebay.
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    The morning of the 23rd...

    Well... I'm going to the gym first thing in the morning as I often do, but I am making a stop at K-Mart since there is one on the way into work. Maybe I'll win something cool!!!

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