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Thread: Why Walmart?

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    Question Why Walmart?

    All the stories of AOTC figures being released early involve Walmart. Has anyone found Target or KB or TRU releasing stuff accidentally? Or, are the Walmart employees just not as quick?

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    I think the other stores keep them at the warehouses untill closer to the release date, that way dumb employees can't put them out like walmart has been.

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    what i'm wondering is if these walmarts are putting stuff out early, are they gonna get refills for april 23rd?

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    If they're selling that good, they'll surely order more for the 23rd.

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    something about walmart, and exclusive only to walmart, makes the employees unable to read, and thus they have put out the AOTC toys now.

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    TRU with early episode II stuff

    Hey. I went to a TRU where I live and found Obi-Wan's starfighter vehicle from AOTC there. But that's all they had out. Oh well. Then I went to a Wal-Mart down the street and found 6 of the Collection 2 Episode II figures!!!! YAY! Only got 3 though... gonna get more money and get the rest on Saturday.

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    but I thought the starfighter was released with the preview figures...

    It's possible someone bought the starfighter at wm and returned it to tru.

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    Nope, this was the AOTC version of the starfighter. They had about 4 or 5 of them, and it was in the new packaging, not the Power of the Jedi packaging.

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    well, read all of my above post. :P

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    Wal*Mart just hires some of the dumbest people to be employees!

    You'd better know I'm just kidding!!!
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