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    Cool How They Look Now

    Not everyone has MIMP or MOMC quality toys and figures. As many a youth did in days gone by, I "customized" some of my stuff, and it remains to this day. What things are obviously yours based on what you've done to them?

    For example, my Darth Vader carry case has a bunch of stickers and such all over it. The front: my name taped to his left eyebrow, those black name stickers from the vinyl carry cases (Leia Organa: Hoth Battle Gear, Leia Organa, and Darth Vader [above his cape chain]), a Han and a Wicket sticker, a Chewie sticker in a "O", trading card stickers of Biker Scout and Ben Kenobi, and inexplicably a GI Joe "Laser Rifle Trooper" carry case sticker. On back: 2 movie images from a newspaper article about ROJ, a cut-up orange cardboard piece (the ones below the feet of carded SW figures) that has "Jabba, Biker Scout, Wicket" on it, my name again, more black figure stickers (R5-D4, R2-D2, FX-7 Medical Droid, and Imperial Commander), a drawing of an Emperor's Guard, 4 character stickers (Luke Jedi, Chewie, Yoda, and Gamorrean Guard), plus 2 tradign card stickers (Mon Calamari and Han). Yes, I am looking at it as I type; my memory's good, but not that good.

    Okay, so you wouldn't have to be so specific, but hey; it's me!
    "I went to Star Wars Celebration VII in Anaheim, and I didn't get even a lousy t-shirt."

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    This isn't vintage, but after I got my F/X X-Wing, my friend got the soundtrack to "Lost In Space" and I took that white sticker off the top of the jewel case (the one that has the barcode on it) and cut out just the "Lost in Space" part and put it on the rear end of my F/X X-Wing...

    It's like a bumper sticker...get it? friend thought it was funny.

    Anyway. The only thing my Vintage Vader case has on it is dust.

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    Rollo, my dear friend...

    you are ILL! ILL! You hear me??? ILL!!! I still like you anyhow. I wouldn't have you any other way.

    The only thing I did to "customise" in my own little primitive way... was to take my Droid Factory ARTOO dome and drill little holes into it to accomodate little plastic cylinders to be the "projectors" on his dome... since the vintage one didn't have them... It actually came out looking quite nice after I applied the silver paint to them.
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    i never really tried to do anything like that, but now im getting more into it. once im done with something maybe i'll post it
    Master Obi-Wan has lost a planet, how embarassing. - the great yoda

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    I *gulp* used to cut off the lightsaber/lamp from vintage Yodas belt and put it in his hand. What good was it on his belt? Oh I wish I wouldn't have done that.
    "Good. Bad. I'm the guy with the gun."

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    I remember one particular family dog from my childhood that enjoyed "customizing". My double amputee Bespin Leia is proof of that. And my club foot TIE pilot . . .

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    The TIE pilot??!!!

    I don't have a TIE pilot at all!!! Vintage or new!! I know where I can get the POTF2 one for $10. Maybe I'll go out and get one of those tonight.
    OK... I BLOG. YOU READ. at
    **Steven Sterlekar (1969-2001)**

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    Star Destroyer!

    I went into a comic shop and they had a vintage Star Destroyer sitting waaaay up the top shelf. It was missing the gun (i'm having that problem a lot! See 'Silly Vader" thread) the orange "Hologram strip and the orange window in Vader's chamber. But the guy only wanted $10 for it, so I bought it.

    Then I went into an antique shop looking for a coffee table and lo and behold I found ANOTHER one for $10. This one had all the stuff the first one was missing, PLUS the instruction sheet! I also got an uglyass ceramic Darth Vader bust that is also a lamp for $5. how can you walk away from something that cheesy??

    So now I have two Star Destroyer playsets where yesterday I had none. They are pretty cool when you place them back to back make like it's one big playset. The little trap doors for the "escaping Imperials" is kinda cool. The other thing I noticed was in the instructions, Vader can talk to the GRAND VIZIER on the orange hologram thingie. GRAND VIZIER is even TM'd. Hmmmm.....Emperor, anyone? Or is the old chimp eyed lady a lackey of some kind? Vintage rocks!


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    Speaking of Star Destroyers, I haven't seen E.T. in years so I forgot about Elliot's SD in the the background. Last night I went nuts when I saw it, and then went even nuttier when he showed E.T. his vintage figs

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    Two things, Caesar. Number one, that is one scary icon you're using now! Number two, I made a point to notice as many SW items in E.T. when I saw it this past weekend. They are:
    - Greedo
    - Hammerhead
    - Walrusman
    - Lando Calrissian
    - Boba Fett
    - Snaggletooth
    - Star Destroyer playset (on bed headboard)
    - Darth Vader TIE model (hanging from ceiling)
    - TIE Fighter toy (or model?) also from ceiling
    - Yoda costume (on Halloween night)

    And I think that was all I noticed.

    p.s. Trivia contest: what was the date that ET landed on Earth?
    "I went to Star Wars Celebration VII in Anaheim, and I didn't get even a lousy t-shirt."


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