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    I beat Jedi Outcast

    Wow. What a great game. The best single player experience since Half-Life!!!

    It's the longest game I've ever played (every shooter I always beat in one sitting...this game took TWO sittings). The puzzles are frustrating and I got stuck in every level, but it's a nice break from the standard FIND THE CHERRY KEY-type puzzles and it keeps the combat from getting old or boring.

    And the lightsaber duels were great...and the final boss was AWESOME.

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    Gotta agree with you there.
    I'm not finished yet but man is this game amazing!

    (And having Lando in the game voiced by Billy Dee himself was an pleasant surprise)

    If you play one Star Wars game this year, make it this one.
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    Indeed...because probably the only other Star Wars game that's even going to be for PC this year is Clone Campaigns.

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    I've been so busy these past few days I haven't had much time to play it. I do agree, it is awesome.
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    Yes, I can tell by your avatar...

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    I'm not through with the game yet, but it is great! The lightsaber duels are much better than in JK. Since someone finished, can anyone tell me how many Levels are in JKII?

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    i'm a little slow in finishing this one, but i just got to bespin, and i really like this level. in the first saber duel, i simply force pushed the first dark jedi and he went flying down the shaft. i wanted to fight him, so i went back a few times and it lasted a little longer.

    man, how i wish they would make a game like this where you could fight vader like in "empire"!

    this game is getting better as it goes. the saber duels are indeed a lot better than i thought they would be.

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    How did you get pass the board after you get your jedi powers. When you search for some guy. I get to the ledge ready to jump and i keep falling

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    you have to jump to the roof of the egg-shaped building and smash the glass. Then, drop inside and hit the switch.

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    I haven't even finished the second level yet. Been mostly playing multiplayer, dang I love this game, has anyone else encountered problems though? Like sometimes your new settings go back to default?
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