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    Newark DE... E2 figs

    I found at the W-M in New Castle, on Rt 40 pallets of the new figures. They had about a whole pallet; I didn't see the Bomber or the Snowspeeder, I would've bought those first.

    Anyway here's a little info:

    I purchased 2 cases - I like to purchase 2 fig's, 1 to open and 1 to display.

    The first case- PO #8501857513, item # 000792301. This case had 2 each of Jango- Kamino Escape, Super Battle Droid, Anakin- Outland peasant disguise and Obi- Coruscant chase. There was 1 each of R2- Coruscant Sentry, Kit Fisto, 3PO- snap on shell, and Padme- Arena Escape.

    The second case- PO #8501857507, item # 000792183. This case had 2 of each figure: Capt. Typo, Plo Koon- Arena Battle, Shak Ti, Female Tusken, Boba- Kamino Escape, and the Super Battle Droid.

    All of the cases were the regular brown cardboard w/ a pink-ish band at the top saying "Wal-Mart Toys". I almost passed them by b/c I was looking for the regular Hasbro boxes.

    I saw 1 case of Preview fig's on a pallet.

    I hope this helps some of you!
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    My friend I thank you ten thousand times. If I hadn't read you're post about them being in the boxes with the pink stripes I wouldn't have gone back to find all of collection 1 and 2. You rock man! I wish you more good fortune in the future.
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