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    Question Used Star Wars Books

    Besides Ebay or, are there any good places online to find used SW books? I'm currently looking for several that would fall under childrens books; GOF, Missions, etc. Any help would be appreciated.
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    While I have not made any purchases from them, has had great selections in their Out of Print section. Check any used book stores or libraries around you; sometimes you can find them for $.25 or more.
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    Hey, Sid, I'm not sure what Missions is. If it's the series of lame-o books that includes Mission from Mount Yoda, I still see them all the time in my quest for GOF 9. Barnes and Nobles has the entire series reprinted in two cheap hardcovers; if you're looking for reading copies, they're a much better deal.
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    Post Star Wars Missions

    El, Missions is actually a series of books by Scholastic. I think there's around 20 or so. I've seen a few on ebay. Here's a link to one of the auctions.

    I've cleaned out nearly all the used book stores in the Orlando area of what I need. I have to say it hasn't been much. I'll check the local libraries sometime.

    Thanks guys!
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    I don't know of any online places to go to to get uused books besides Ebay but if you go to a GoodWill store you may find some pretty good SW books there. Also try out some antiques and collectibles stores.

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    Talking Small Goldmine

    I scored 10 SW books at a flea market in Homosassa, FL over the weekend. I picked up 4 of the Essential Guides, 5 X-wing novels & a Marvel Illustrated paperback.(I've posted a pic in the Marvel Comics Thread.) The Essentials & X-wings were brand new. I bought all 9 for less the $50. He threw in the 10th for free. The essentials were about $8.50 each & the x-wings were about $2.00 each. My SW library is on its way to completion.
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    My local library (Rancho Cucamonga; city motto: "Laugh at Our Name and We'll Whoop Ya!" ) has had 3 silent auctions with all SW items. I bid on the first one, but the bidders overbid by far too much, so I was out. The auctions are mainly books, but there've been figures (carded and loose), records (they're kinda like big CDs ), stickers, etc. Ask at your local library to maybe consider silent auctions of Star Wars items; they sell well and get people in that might not normally go to a library.
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    Since I live in that huge metropolis of Orlando, FL , I'll have to check with the main branch downtown. That will give me a good reason to pay off my late fees. Maybe I'll get lucky and find something I need.
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    Post list

    I'm not sure where you can find your Missions books, but here is a list that can help you in your search.
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    I've actually been looking for first editions of the Brian Daley Han Solo trilogy (1979-80) for some time now. I've checked ebay but for some reason my account was suspended while I was in Korea, I think my brother used my name to bid on a bunch of stuff he couldn't afford.
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