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    EPII lego sets in stock at wal*mart!

    I forgot to mention yesterday but over the weekend (Friday 3/29 to be exact) I picked up the LEGO sets of Yoda vs Count Dooku and Anakin/Tusken Raiders both sets were at Wal*Mart for $9.99. Also saw the Yoda 1000 pc model but didn't pick it up. I thought I wanted it til I saw it in person. Not only is it a horrible representation but it's $99.99. Way too much for this collector. Although I did put the Republic Gunship on layaway. It was tagged at $89.99 Now I know I said Yoda was expensive and this piece is nearly the same price but I was thinking about playability and looks of the piece. To me this was worth the cost. Also saw the Jango Fett "TECHNIC" set but didn't like the look of that either.
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    I picked up the Yoda and Tusken Raider LEGO sets as well. Those are way cool!
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    I'm wondering if there isn't more than one box design for the Lego Gunship. The group picture that Steve posted has the blue starscape that the other sets have, but the Gunships I saw had a red theme, that's actually how I noticed the boxes in the first place.

    I dunno, maybe it was just me seeing red, the color of profits going down the drain, *sigh*

    I really just want the Clone mini-figs. Hasbro would be foolish not to release Clone Troopers and Battle Droid figure packs. And hopefully they'll redo the super battle droid to a better scale, the destroyer droid makes it look like a cupcake topper.

    And the Jedi looks like a dummy with that grin.
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    Yeah I saw 2 Gunships at Wal-Mart yesterday, I should've put one on Layaway but didn't.

    Also saw a few Technic Super BD's.

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    I managed to pick up the Republic Gunship, Yoda & Dooku, Bounty Hunter Pursuit and the UCS Yoda at Wal Mart in OKC, OK last week. There were no Tusken Encounter or JF Slave I LEGO sets available.

    I, too, recall the Gunship box being red in the background. Maybe it's just us???

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    Over the weekend, I saw the Technic Jango Fett and the Technic Super Battle Droid at Wal-Mart in Stillwater. I thought the Super Battle Droid looked really cool, and Jango was pretty neat, too.
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    I'd hate to be the one who spoils everything, but I felt I should tell you. The LEGOs are now part of Wal-Mart's electronic lockout on Episode II toys. The Wal-Mart on Route 222 in Reading, PA had a stack of Super Battle Droid Technic LEGOs out last night, but when I got to the register it rang up "Sell Not Allowed." I tried to convince the CSM to let me get it (a birthday present for a non-existent little nephew), but she wouldn't budge and was very abrupt about the whole thing.

    And here's the kicker: my fiancee and I hung around for about another half hour or so, and the Droids were still on the shelves. They knew there was Episode II merchandise out and still NO ONE went to remove the items!!! Guess they'll just keep dangling this stuff in front of all us collectors like a worm on a hook for the next 16 days
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    I found the Tusken Encounter at Wal-Mart last night and went to the register and the same thing happened. The register stated "Sale Not Allowed". Lucky for me, the clerk said to himself, Why not, it's just a Star Wars toy and went ahead and used Dept 07 and typed a description of Lego and sold it to me for $9.97 anyway....

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    Yeah... My problem was I got stuck with a "by-the-book" cashier. I should've changed aisles when she wanted to verify my fiancee's signature on her VISA check card, but I thought that would've looked suspicious. I can't really blame the cashier though. I worked at Wal-Mart as a cashier and then in sporting goods two summers ago. They do have to put up with a lot of crap from customers and managment combined. And from my experience in sporting goods, if the computer prohibits something, then you had better either obey it or call CSM, manager, etc. For me, it was gun sales, ammunition, etc. For the front cashiers, it's Star Wars for the next two weeks.

    Still, would've been nice to beat the system...
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    You know what i don't understand, is why the people at Wal Mart is screwd up. Ok you have toys that arnt to be released untill Aprl 23rd ok, its out there you get star wars fans dieing to buy it and they can't yet sell it, its still on the shelfs why don't they take the damn thing off the shelf and put it back in the box in the storage room and when aprl 23rd comes around BOOM put it out

    is it just me or do people allways screw up there job ??
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