I forgot to mention yesterday but over the weekend (Friday 3/29 to be exact) I picked up the LEGO sets of Yoda vs Count Dooku and Anakin/Tusken Raiders both sets were at Wal*Mart for $9.99. Also saw the Yoda 1000 pc+ model but didn't pick it up. I thought I wanted it til I saw it in person. Not only is it a horrible representation but it's $99.99. Way too much for this collector. Although I did put the Republic Gunship on layaway. It was tagged at $89.99 Now I know I said Yoda was expensive and this piece is nearly the same price but I was thinking about playability and looks of the piece. To me this was worth the cost. Also saw the Jango Fett "TECHNIC" set but didn't like the look of that either.