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Thread: Good purchase?

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    Good purchase?

    Look what I just bought! Do you guys think I got a good deal? The dealer offered free shipping if I used BIN and paypal. So that's $120 divided by 14 = $8.58 a figure. Not to bad considering that my area is so clogged up with Ketwols and I won't be able to find AOTC merchandise on 4/23.
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    Sure! That's not bad...!

    I ordered mine from KEBco and they are sending the whole set at $6.91 USD per figure...

    You'll just get yours about two weeks before me!
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    Re: Sure! That's not bad...!

    Originally posted by JEDIpartnr
    I ordered mine from KEBco and they are sending the whole set at $6.91 USD per figure...

    You'll just get yours about two weeks before me!
    They are one of our advertisers. Hopefully you told them SSG sent you.
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    Did I?

    I SURE DID!!!! That's how I found them!

    Thanks to you, Sir Steve...! (doing a Ms. Swan voice)
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    Yeah, that seems like a pretty good deal. That would be better buying stuff from KB after tax here (I get to pay a wonderful 8%. Not the highest, but definitely not the lowest ), you'd save a few cents.
    You got them early and you got them pretty inexpensive. Good job with that. Now only if I could find such a deal...

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    I'd say you got a good deal. You got them for under $10 a figure shipped.
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    Re: Good purchase?

    Veers, honestly, without a picture and it being a presell, the seller being on ebay only a few months, offering a bunch of this same deal, as well as this rather questionable comment
    "With the way the cases are packed and hasbro cutting production by 50%. It will be time consuming to make a complete set of the first 2 waves"
    I would have passed on this one. If you get them before April 23rd and they are as advertised, then I'd say it's an ok purchase and congratulations, but until you get 'em, I can only wish you the best of luck and hope you don't lose all that money.
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    And I'm sure that, Ketwols or not, you'll have a lot easier time finding AOTC than you think. Think of how POTF2 ended and then E1 came out. Same things going to happen. I've talked to managers of TRU's who say there getting more for AOTC than they did with E1.

    Again, as a presell with no pictures, I'd be cautious. But I've gotten great deals on eBay under the assumption that no one else bid because there was no picture.
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