I'm planning, like many of you are, to pick up the novelization of AOTC, the Art of AOTC, the new Essential Guide to Characters, and the two DK AOTC guides as soon as possible. What better way to get them, I thought, than by taking advantage of amazon.com's free shipping on orders over $99? (Even if these alone didn't qualify, there's a certain Transformers box set coming out the same day that will easily push the total over the minimum.)

So I go there and am looking around. Most of the AOTC books aren't listed! Of the ones I was looking for, I could only find the new Essential Guide. I even went so far as to find the ISBN for Salvatore's novelization and search for that. Nothing there. Nada. Zip. Zilch.

Does anyone know why this is, or if I'm just completely daft and they're right there in front of my face? I mean, they're already hitting Wal-Mart shelves early, for cryin' out loud!