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    Whats the Best Detailed Figure???

    I have no idea (since I don't have them all yet)as which is the best detailed so I'm asking you,the fans to tell me in your own opinion which is the best detailed figure Hasbro has made?
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    Weeeeeell, I think the Bespin Guard has incredible detail on him! Hmm...that and the new Boss Nass. Hasbro got it right the second time around.
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    I think the Chewbacca Mechanic is great.
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    300th Figure BOBA FETT... are you all brain-dead???
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    Granted, the 300th edition Boba Fett is the best sculpt to date, but I think most exclude this one due to the special nature. This Boba Fett, though superior in sculpt, was not a standard release figure. The whole idea of the 300th Edition Fett WAS the superior sculpt. I agree that it is the best, yet exclude it from the running for this post and say (though I've not held it in my hand yet) that my vote is for - Amanaman!

    With the new FX-7 a second that is almost too close to call!

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    Best detail

    I don't have all the potj figures yet... but I really like the Plo Kloon figure.
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    Again, i'll say Boba Fett 300th fig., but excluding that one that leaves me to....Aurra Sing, Chewie Mec. is awesome too!!
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    Arg! It's so hard to decide. I would have to give it a tie between Plo Koon and Queen Amidala Theed Invasion. They are both awesome. I think the FX-7 will also be very good too.
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    The Sandtrooper and 300th Fett...


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    I think the 300th Fett is the best and the best part, SOFT Goods!! I'm all for cloth cape!!


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