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    Guess Who Fits In Anakin's Speeder!

    Flashback Luke fits almost perfectly! I know. Sucx huh? Well now we know what hasbro has to make to make an anakin fit.

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    Yeah, so does Ellors Madok. Useful huh?
    Wha'choo talkin 'bout Hasselhoff?

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    Lousy beatnik toymakers. I shake my fist at them.

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    Well that could be a good thing you could put other figures in the speeder and you could use them for Expanded Universe.
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    I thought you were gonna say Dexter...
    "Hokey packaging and ancient gimmicks are no match for good detail on your figure, kid."
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    Problem is that the speeder is actually too small.
    But it is a nice looking vehicle.

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    Teemto might fit in it, too... and some of the other racer pilots!

    OH!!! Threepio's loose plating fits inside really well, too!!!
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    Anakin - "Do you call this a diplomatic solution?"
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    Jawas? EP1 Ani? Yoda? Ody Mandrell? Quadruple amputee OB1?
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