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    Have any of you dealt w/

    I placed an order and still have not received it. It has been a week. Their policy is processed AND shipped within 48 hrs. Please let me know if any of you have ordered through them and give your response be it negative or positive.

    Sir Steve, if your reading this, please keep an eye out for them as well. I only want to deal with reputable companies and if this deal goes sour I would like a warning for our members, so they don't get burned either.
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    Sorry to hear about that!

    Jedi Master Sal-

    I haven't dealt with Planet Action Figure... I had heard a story that they are a bit late with stuff.

    If you are interested, I have a place that I use all the time, and they are EXCEPTIONALLY wonderful!

    I use all the time. Their prices are reasonable, they have flat rate shipping no matter how much or how little you order, and they are FAST!

    They pack the items very securly, and I have yet to have a problem with them. They are still expanding and getting in more STAR WARS and other merchandise, but I think they are one of the best around! BBTS has a good selection of other toys aside from STAR WARS, like Transformers, Simpsons, and many more.

    I hope the info helps....

    Take care, and good luck finding the toys you are looking for!
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    I've dealt with them a few times, the first time was the exclusive TIE Interceptor and B-Wing and those shipped fine, and in a timely manner. I am still waiting for my TIE Bomber and Crashed Snowspeeder, they don't seem to have gotten their shipment in yet. What did you order Jedi Master Sal? Alot of their stuff is pre-orders, or backorders. I know that currently they are backordered on the Jedi Starfighter and the Preview figures. You may wanna send them an Email to check on your order.

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    Don't sweat it, jedi master sal......I've dealt with them SEVERAL times and received all of my items mint. Maybe a little late from time to time, but it always got here in good condition.

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    Yeah, planetactionfigure is pretty straight, if a little slow sometimes.

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    There pre-order policies always seemed a bit shady. Do they just buy the figures from Wal-Mart and resell them? Right now they are pre-ordering the 4 CT Stormtrooper army-builder set, up until now I wasn't even sure this had been confirmed.

    I've always had great deals with Entertainment Earth, not the cheapest, by always reliable, and great for preordering cases.
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    I've ordered from them a few times and only once did a card come with a crushed corner. Otherwise, stuff was well-packed & came pretty quick. I never order anything that isn't listed "In Stock" though, so I can't comment on the pre-order angle...

    good luck...

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    I've gone through them twice a long time ago and they were really great. All the stuff shipped out fast and it arrived really clean. Maybe they've changed since then. I don't know...
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    I got my figs finally. They look great except that my r4-m9 has a dent in the "eyeball" I go for the best looking sculpt not card as I am an "opener". Other than that they were of great quality. I guess I would recommend with a mention that they are slower than they claim to be.
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    Don't worry, Planet action figure is still my favourate.
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