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  1. #1 assortments ?

    Rebelscum had a list.

    Anyone understand it?

    How many different assorments will be out 4.23?

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    I also was wondering too just exactly what is the case breakdown. 2 of each fig? 3 of each? If it's 3 of each I might as well forget about heading to Walmart and just buy them by the case online.

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    Just remembering off the top of my head thay are packed like this:

    Box 1
    Anakin - 2 per case
    Obi-Wan - 2 PC
    Kit Fisto - 1 PC
    Captin Typho - 2 PC
    Padme - 2 PC
    C-3PO - 1 PC
    Super Battle Droid - 2 PC

    Box 2
    R2-D2 - 1 PC
    Jango Fett - 2 PC
    Bobba Fett - 2 PC
    Battle Droid - 2 PC
    Shaak Ti - 2 PC
    Plo Koon - 2 PC
    Tuskin Raider - 1 PC

    This is what I remember off the top of my head. The break in the listing indicates the boxes they come in. I hope this helps.
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    Actually Dar' its more or less like this:

    Collection 1

    Anakin x2
    Obi Wan x2
    Jango Fett x2
    Kit Fisto x1
    Super Battle Droid x2
    C-3PO X1
    Padme X1
    RD-D2 x1

    Collection 2

    Typho X2
    Female Tusken X2
    Boba Fett X2
    Battle Droid X2
    Shaak Ti X2
    Plo Koon X2
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    Who do we believe?? I'd like to not believe either of you, I was hoping they wouldn't do that 1 per case thing for the first assortments. OH the headaches...... Now everyone will be grabbing the figs that they know are 1 per case. here we go all over again.

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    The only 1 x case that worries me is Kit Fisto, cause Im really looking forward to getting him. But I doubt stores are only going to have 2 or 3 cases for each collection.
    You just remember what old jack burton says at a time like this. Have you paid your dues? yes sir the check is in the mail.

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    Any clue as if the Geonosian Warrior wave will be out 4/23? Those figs looks to be the coolest of them all.

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    Well, since they're were found "in store" then yeah, there is a STRONG possibility that they could be out, of course since no other store findings of these have been reported, there is also a slight possibility that someone bought them from Hong Kong and lied about finding them in stores.
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    If anyone is a memeber of kebco 1 of every figure club?? I understand there invoice was billed for 24 figures for the 23 of april...So more then likely there will be more then 14 figures out.
    And since they HAVE been found here in the states probably at a wal mart that means they have been shipped to stores..


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