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    Deadeye's Star Wars story.

    Hey guys,

    I've written a Star Wars story. It's unfinished, but here's what I've done so far. To this point, everyone has loved it. It's after the whole Yuuzhan Vong incident and the Sith have rebuilt their empire. To counter the threat, the New Republic created an all-Jedi division of the military to deal with the Sith. The story is about Rassick, one of those Jedi soldiers, who as you shall soon see is not your typical Jedi...
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    Haven't read it yet, but I saved it. I hope that's cool. I don't have time to read it at work right now, (much to busy posting on the forums ) but I'll read it when I get home.

    I'm always interested in fanfic stuff.
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    Well everyone says it's great, and captures the spirit of the movies well...even though the protagonist is NOT your average, righteous heroic Jedi...

    Oh, and I'm sorry that a lot of words are split by was a document, and in order to post it I had to make it text-only, which changes stuff...

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    um...isn't anyone reading this?

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    just saw the thread, Ima probably read it later this day or tomorrow(europe time)
    I'll tell you then if I liked (or how much I liked it )

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    "good job"

    Nice first person POV. When do we get more???
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    Nice one DeadEye! Do you have George Lucas' e-mail address? You should see what he thinks of it. He might let you write Episode III.


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    Thanks. And BTW, I'm only 16. Everyone always said I was a great writer...

    I haven't written in it for about a week...I'd post some more if you'd like.

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    well... i would like to check it out, but i can't open it. (html?)

    curse the macintosh!

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