I don't care for legos so I didn't get any, but if you are...

LEGO AOTC in a big way at North Reading Walmart
LEGO only:
Republic Gunship (a couple of these at 89.99, Very Impressive)
Zam and Anakin's speeders
Yoda masterpiece
Jedi duel with Dooku and Yoda
Tuskin Encounter
Slave I and Jedi Starfighter
The Big Jango and Super Battle droid (electronic I think)

Plus all the good legos (Imperial shuttle, Darth Vader)

For Hasbro...Only sneek preview=1 x Jango, many Zam and R3T7

Exit 38B on rt 128 (to Rt 28, about 15 min ride, on left of highway)
Lego's only (except the sneek preview)
Republic Gunship was Most Impressive to someone who doesn't care for LEGOs