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Thread: Darth Maul?

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    Darth Maul?

    I wonder what the Saga Darth Maul will be that's coming out?


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    Is there definitely going to be one? Who said?

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    Rebelscum mentioned it, but not as part of a particular assortment.

    I'm guessing it's going to be action posed, with the new-style blades, probably with one arm frozen in an elbow jab, and the other hand frozen behind him, holding his lightstaff.

    Edit: But since he'd be Collection 1, there will be an "elbow-jab" action feature. Rah.
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    Hopefully it's a Holographic Maul. That's the only version of Maul that we haven't gotten a good version of. The Wal-Mart one was a complete statue, and was to short compared to the Holo Sidious that they released in the E1. He didn't even look that like Maul in the face.

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    We've gotten a good version of Maul? We've gotten ok versions with good limited features, but a good Maul?

    Hopefully it's a more articulated Jedi Duel Maul with a cloth skirt and a lightsaber that detches in the middle, has removeable blades and can hang from his waist. That's the best Maul I can think of. Oh yeah, and the blades need to be interactive so I can try to scrounge up a couple of blades from the Soft Goods Maul figures to replace those energy blast ones which will most likely come with it.
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    Originally posted by LTBasker
    We've gotten a good version of Maul? We've gotten ok versions with good limited features, but a good Maul?
    Well to this day, the only version of him I mess with is the original Sith Speeder Maul. Granted he's missing anytype of skirt but he has plenty of articulation, a decent likeness, he can fit on his bike, and he has an awesome cloth cloak.

    I also replaced the stupid arms of the otherwise good soft goods maul, with the arms from the first release Maul and its a pretty decent figure.
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