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    Lightbulb Could Mara Jade be Luke's sister?

    In the Episode III section on SSG we have a storyline for Episode III. At the begining Anakin has an affair with Xio Jade which causes the separation of Anakin and Padme. I don't get into the novels, but could Xio Jade be the mother of Mara Jade? If so maybe Anakin could also be her father. I guess that would mean big trouble for Luke (again) since I heard that in the novels he ends up marrying Mara Jade. Does anyone out there have any info on her that could clear this up?
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    First I've heard of this. Anyways, it doesn't matter Mara is EU.

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    Not to mention that the "storyline" in that E3 section is just speculation on behalf of forum members here. It is by no means what will actually happen in the movie.

    I wouldn't put too much bearing on what you read in there (no disrespect to those who posted in there, including me...) but those threads are just us fans talking about what we'll think what will happen.
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    i don't think that Mara Jade is Lukes Sister, and i don't think thats what caused the sepration of Anakin and Padme.

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    and one more thing, Mara Jade is not totally EU, in Rotj, Mara Jade is in Jabba's Palace disuised as a Dancer sent on an attempt to kill Luke Skywalker by the Emporor. She's the one thats next Bib Fortuna right after the Droid Torture Chamber in the Special Edition.

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    First off, that Xio Jade crap was from Supershadows little wet dream, not OUR story in Mace's Death.

    Second, seeing as how it was Supershadows crappy fan fiction and has no bearing on the actual storyline, No, I don't think Mara is Lukes' sister.

    Third. The chick standing next to Bib is Jess. A delightful young woman who should not be confused with Mara's undercover disguise of Arica, who did NOT appear in the film.

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    I could believe that Mara jade is Lukes sister.. he loves to kiss his sisiter doesnt he?? I thought I read somewhere in the EU stuff that mara jade and Luke get married?? Well if thats true then Mara jade is definitely his sister. luke is drawn to incestral relationships.. its the will of the force.

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    I don't think Mara Jade is an ROTJ. The character was created by Timothy Zahn for his first book trilogy if I remember correctly. That was when, 90-92? They just add little backstories for all the background characters for the cantina, Jabba's Palace, Pod Race, etc. That's where the whole Mara Jade as an assassin in Jabba's Palace came about.
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    Luke's sister...

    Of course he likes kissing his female siblings...! What would you expect from a back... uh... back-- erhm... backSAND (obviously not "woods") kind of guy? So uncultured... so unsophisticated. Dude, that's just plain wrong. Bad Luke... Baaaaaaaaad Luke!
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    Actually, Xio is not what seperates Padme and Anakin.

    If you really want to know, I could tell you my version. Well not my version, but from what I heard from a good source, its the actual version.

    Anakin and Padme are still in love. Except Padme decides to have an affair. Who is the affair with? Well who does Anakin end up hating/turning on?

    Yup, Obi-Wan Kenobi. Apparently Obi and Padme get their groove on and Anakin finds out. He gets upset at Padme (who secretly is carrying his twin children. Probably shown in an older state before movie ends). Which is why Padme has to leave away from Anakin and be kept hidden. Also this is where is dark rage fully takes control of him and he joins with Palpatine to rid off the rest of the Jedi. And also the reason why he and Obi end up fighting (as well as in ANH).


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