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    Star Wars-Star Trek Crossover

    I know what some of you are thinking OH NO!!! Not this!!!!!!!
    But I ask of you out there that have had some good ideas and have seriously thought about it to post some ideas (if you feel comfortable with sharing them, fear of anyone stealing your ideas). I want to find some fans of those I can realte to on this subject, because I have had a killer idea for one. I use to shun this possibility until I came up with this latest idea. Especially with the fact that E.T.'s race is in the senate, proves that the possibility is there.
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    Uh, I'd say... no. Transfomers and GI Joe tried it in the comics, and it was bad. SW and ST are slightly different in what they stand for, in my opinion, regardless of whether or not they share the same universe.

    Nice idea, but in theory only. Just my opinion, that's all.
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    That's true they are different, but my story would have an elemnt that would bring a problem to both places an element from each story to the other. I'll probably lay it out later but don't have time right now.
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    I'm not a Star Trek fan per se, so I wouldn't really be interested in a crossover. I also don't read too many Star Wars comics/books, and I've never read a Star Trek comic or book.

    Whenever I hear "crossover" I think of the movie Jetsons meet the Flintstones. That was not a good movie....
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    Go for it dude. It sounds cool to me. I think it already happened sortof. Remeber the episode of DS9 where Basire (sp?) Garrick, and a couple of others where in the Jem Haddar holding cell. There was that alien that didn't say anything that looks just like Leia in Boussh disguise. Just a thougt. I know that really wasn't Boussh, but it sure did look alot like him/her.

    My brother and I would always argue who would win in a fight. Star Fleet or the rebels. We never came up with any good answers, but it was fun to discuss/ argue.
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    Ok a few short lines of my story. Some of the Borg find their way to the Star Wars Universe to (interdemensional time travel etc.) about the time of Empire Strikes back. They find an ancient Sith
    burial temple. The Sith have been preserved in such a way that the Borg are able to assimilate them, much like they did with Kirk in 'The Return'.(need I say more) Once the Borg have "done what Borg do" to that universe. A cube finds its way back to Federation Space. Picard investigates the cube with the away team. He happens upon Luke Skywalker's drone. Because of Picard formerly being a Borg and somehow Lukes's had been developing force skills, Luke's soul beneath the cybernetics is able to establish a mind link with Picard to show him what the Borg have become in that universe. Borg with the power of the Dark side. And an assimilated Emperor Palpitine and Vader to guide them.
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    Palpatine would never allow himself to be assimilated. His lust for power is singular, not collective. A two-sided (Rebellion and Federation) attack versus the Borg is interesting, but the Dark Side and the Borg just don't quite fit to me.

    HOWEVER, do not take my comments as "don't even bother trying to write such a story." I'm all for creative writing! I just don't see it as working too well. Good luck, though!
    "I went to Star Wars Celebration VII in Anaheim, and I didn't get even a lousy t-shirt."

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    I am still trying to refine the idea and with this forum I can use advice and suggestions to do so. Thanx for pointing out that Palpitine would not allow himself to be assimilated, but maybe CHOOSE to be so to overtake the queen's position.
    No matter how I die, even if there is a suicide note; it was murder. Cheers!

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    Good luck and have fun with it.
    It's not for me because I really don't care for Star Trek.
    I gotta say I don't think Palpatine is the only one that would never be assimilated.Vader would be impossible IMHO.And Luke wouldn't go for the ride either.Not to mention Yoda!!!!!
    But hey have fun with it.I'm sure you'll find an audience to entertain with it.
    Bye to all.thanks for some good times.

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    Thank the maker you are running with Piccard instead of Cisco or Janeway. I absolutely loved ST:TNG, and totally despised DS9 and Voyager. I will not even touch Enterprise.

    I think you have hit on something with the Borg coming to the Star Wars universe. However, one thing I think you might be missing is the common ground of intergalactic warfare between the Empire and Federation and how much the Star Wars universe is dependent on Alien interaction.

    What if the Borg, instead of finding a sith temple assimilate Rodians, Twi-leks, snivians, etc. a whole host of aliens that have been assimilated that are from the Star Wars universe are found. Piccard, Data, and the rest have never seen such races before and after some analysis of energy signatures on the borg cube, or diamond, (maybe we learn the borg modeled their sphere after the death star) the Enterprise crew learn that the borg have managed quantum travel and not collected subjects not only in a different reality, but in a galaxy far far away. The enterprise warps to the star wars universe to prevent the borg from getting plans for the death star and find they are knee-deep in $#!+ trying to attack 25 star destroyers. Throw in the rebellion, Vader, a few stormtroopers, the Enterprises ability to teleport, and the star wars universe grand scale alien integration into society and you would have a wicked smooth story.


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