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Thread: MA finds

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    thursday morning, eh? ok, then that must mean they've got a truck going around the area then. excellent.
    Today's hit will be KB, noontime. They get shipments on wednesday.
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    Unleashed at TRU

    There were two sets of the new unleashed Jango and Maul at the TRU In Dedham tonight. I left them there because I have already preordered them. The Jango is incredible and the Maul is OK. Not bad at $14.99 each. The Walmart, Kohls, and KB in Walpole had nothing today. I did score a Bloody Stump Luke at the KB in Newton today. I never thought I'd see one on the pegs!

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    Found the 2 New deluxe figures at the North Attleboro Target, The Newbury Comics had Han,Qui-Gon,Endor Soldier,and all of the Bespin wave plus the lego pens

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    new figures

    I have also found a few of the newest figures at Newbury Comics. The only problem is that they are selling them for $12.99!!! What a rip off. They are taking advantage of scalper prices. It's really too bad.

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    Hi all,
    I doubt this wil help many of you but I figured I would post it in case someone was out in Central Mass. At the west Boylston Walmart they put out 9 cases of Orn Free.Massiff wave. I did pick up another Massiff but I was suprised at how many cases they had of this wave. They also had 4 cases of the new 'deluxe' figure wave. The case has 2 Ani, 2 Nexu, 1 Obi and 1 Jango.

    I was asked to pick up my Bosses daughter today down near Worcester and I made a few stops along the way. <g> I saw more of the Bespin Wave at the Auborn Toy R' Us and at the Target I picked up another Obi Pilot. (I really like this figure, he can hold his lightsaber with both hands)

    The KayBee in Auborn had the 12" troopers Red & Yellow and they also had Yoda Dooku & Ani.

    That is all for now, hopefully there is a lurker who lives somewhat near there who can make use of the info.

    Les S.

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    well boys, I've just about given up. Today's my last hurrah and then I'm toning down my search quite drastically. I can only take so much loss of gas. If I find ANYTHING new then I'll continue
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    I am going up to Manchester N.H. today for business, if I find anything good I'll post it when I get home. If I could find a Chewie I would be totally caught up, 'course my friends that go with me on weekends are still missing Chewie but 2 of the guys don't collect any Classic Trilogy figures. So that is 3 Chewies between the rest of us.
    Hopefully soon we'll have him.... before the new waves start hitting. <g>

    Les S.

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    Hey all I live in the crappy little city of New Bedford and down here its just as hard to find stuff as anywhere else. I have to travel to find anything. My poor wife spends every weekend carting my sorry butt around looking for the newest releases. been real dry in this neck of the woods for a coupla weeks now. If Target in Attleboro has some new stuff then Taunton Target must have as well. Still looking for Orn Free Taa, haven't seen Han Chewie wave AT ALL or Deluxe Nexu I'll be checking the area this weekend hopefully I'll have some luck. Scored a Teebo at the Dartmouth Wal Mart but some jerk ripped the card so it is less than mint to say the least. Bo shek was found but still no R4 M9 Oh well

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    I think I'll just wait till chewie and obi are more common- it just isn't worth the loss of sleep (getting up early). Tomorrow I'm just calling around. I really want the unleashed figs now too
    and ESPECIALLY the Acklay so that I could round out the beasts
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    Just got back from a mini toy run and the Danvers TRU has a bunch of the 12" Ultimate Jango's as well as 1 Unleashed Jango left. They also had 1 unleashed Darth Maul but I snagged it. No new basic figures to be had though.
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