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Thread: MA finds

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    Can we get a count of who will be @ the Peabody (or another) TRU on the 23rd?
    I will for one.

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    I'll probably be at Midnight Madness in Peabody, as much as I currently might not want to. I just know that I won't be able to resist running down there come the 11th hour, especially if some of my fellow forum brethren will be there as well. So just look out for me. I'll be the normal looking young guy. Shouldn't be that hard to spot.
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    Mr. Fawlty: "Me? You started it!"
    Nute Gunray: "We did not start it."
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    Hi Guy's,
    So I decide to get some China Mama for lunch today, and I get there and I say to myself, hey, let's take a quick look in Walgreens (Which is conected to China Mama) before I pick up my food, and I take a stroll down the "toy" aisle, and its crap, crap crap all through the aisle until I get to the very end of the aisle. Whats there? Thats right Collection 1 AOTC toys! The entire first wave! Unfortunatley they are $6.99 so I could only get Anakin, Jango and Kit Fisto. I just went back to pick up the super droid for my son, and they still had few figures left. What a day! I'm sorry boss, but if I am gonna drive 30 minutes for midnight madness, I'll cross the border for tax free NH! If anyone is interested in getting a car pool to head to the great white north I will look inot what stores will be doing it. Later!

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    Talking madness

    I checked with the peabody TRU and it's a definate go tonight from 12 - 2:00. I'll be there looking for the commtech reader!

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    well i guess i'll see you guys tonight at peobody tru!! hey someone yell out your user name or something so we know each other from these forums
    need vintage parts and weapons

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    It looks like I'll be at the ol' TRU in Peabody as well. Once the wrasslin' is over tonight I'll hopefully be out the door. The only thing holding me back is that I don't really know what to expect. You guys think there is gonna be a big crowd? I'd like to get in and out of there as soon as humanly possible. This should be very interesting night either way.
    Nute Gunray: "Will you stop talking about the war!"
    Mr. Fawlty: "Me? You started it!"
    Nute Gunray: "We did not start it."
    Mr. Fawlty: "Yes you did, you invaded Naboo..."

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    i.m hopeing there is no big crowd
    need vintage parts and weapons

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    I'm showing up @ 11 or 11:30
    See you there!
    (i'll be the tall guy with the long coat and red shirt)

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    i'll be the other tall guy in a black adiddas coat and tan pants
    need vintage parts and weapons

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    all right then
    see you guys in 2 and 1/2 hours

    (save a 12" clone trooper for me!!! )


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