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    The clear rectangles on the back are a safety feature, we've had them in the MM line for 7 years now. They're there to keep the ship from standing straight up, so if a kid falls onto it while it's standing, the points won't be sticking straight up and will roll the ship forward instead of just digging straight in.

    Chux, you hit it on the nose for me, I like it better than the TIE Fighter, but it's not up to today's quality.
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    Thumbs up

    Since i never had the vintage version i welcome this ship to my collection, i think its pretty cool!!
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    I went against my better judgement and bought one on Thursday. Much nicer than I expected, especially the sculpting on the wings. The pilot got instantly tossed and replaced with the vintage pilot, but other than that it's a nice looking ship. My only real beef is the lack of electronics. *sigh* It seems we'll never have a TIE Fighter that makes that super-cool fly-by sound.
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