It's a good thing Hasbro is releasing the TIE Bomber because the Interceptor does NOT deserve to wear the "POTJ" name. I'm not saying it's terrible, it's not, but it's really not up to the current standards. It's a reuse of the original TIE pod without the electronics with some of the same old sloppy design flaws that the original had (that hatch still sucks, even with the peg to hold it in place, and the cockpit w/ sticker is LAME), and the wings are a bit too loose -- heck, even the "cinema scene" style packaging doesn't really work here.

It could be a lot worse - it could be the POTF2 TIE Fighter - but as it stands, I think Hasbro didn't really do very well here and this toy should have come out as-is 2 years ago. Today, Hasbro has been increasing quality and shouldn't resort to toys like this.