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Thread: Blade II !!!

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    Originally posted by LTBasker
    D2K, The Queen of the Damned, and Buffy? I thought we were talking about something good...
    I'll give you D2K and Queen of the Damned, but don'choo go slammin Buffy LTB!

    Blade2 was a lot of fun, although I went to go see it again and it wasn't nearly as cool as the first time. This was because I knew all of the plot twists already, but I figured with all the awesome action scenes I would like it anyway. But it just didn't excite me the second time. Oh well, still a good movie.

    And I thought it was much better than the first. I liked the original but there were always some things about it that just annoyed me, such as why the older vampires from the council are stupid enough to get kidnapped by Frost. It seems like they would be smarter than that after all those years of plotting and planning.

    Anyway, I want a boxed set too LTB. I held off on getting the first DVD for a long time, so hopefully Blade 2 will come out soon.
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    Fuh, fnuh, feh... This movie was a piece of flotsam that insulted the high quality of the first Blade movie. Just about everything that made the first one so great was screwed up for this Hollywood-cliche movie. This movie follows the same path of faults that Batman (1989)'s sequels befell - too many characters and too much color, not enough concentration on what made the original so good.

    It seems like the more money went to everybody's heads, the effects were over the top, the fight scenes were too thoughtless and reminiscent more of video games (seen a lot in many recent over-CGed movies), too many things were inconsistent (Blade fighting with cheesy extra moves instead of efficiency, suits that let the ninja vampires... an idea which itself was doofy... walk around in the day being completely forgotten about when it was convenient to the plot, Blade popping the bomb from Reinhardt's head in Scud's hand rather than off Reinhardt's head, the "head vampire" not being able to regenerate after being bitten by his "son" and bleeding cheesy green blood, vampires congregating in large parties after the first movie said this was something the vampire heirarchy didn't want this, Blade falling in love with a vampire girl, etc.,), and I really hated the whole mutant vampires that just looked ridiculous - I mean, the first movie left so much of the best stuff to subtlty rather than overkill, this is why they scrapped the whole first ending!

    The original Blade film came out BEFORE the Matrix, it's popularity is part of what gave birth to the Matrix and to X-men; yet while Blade was so much more believable than the Matrix (as it was supposed to be), Blade II seemed an awful lot more like a cheap wannabe of the Matrix rather than an honest film.

    Blade worked for me also because there was a smart, believable enemy who wasn't all-powerful or all-knowing, yet had enough moxy to try to make a big change. Blade II's main villians failed for me because they were 1-dimensional, gimmicky, obviously beatable, and over-the-top for a vampire movie!!! (That's really saying something)

    I'm just glade I have the original Blade on DVD now, that is one great film. The sequel makes me sad.

    Rollo, I agree with you about Ron Pearlman, who was actually in the audience in the showing I was at last Friday in Burbank. I also agree with you about Whistler coming back, though I don't think it was as contrived as you did since the character actually had a wound on his neck in the first movie after his big beat-down (ok, it was contrived, but I took it because Kristoferson was the best thing in this film IMO). And heck, I agree with you about the Mutant Vampire son, he did a good job (except I hated his visual look so much that it made me wish they didn't give him that stupid separating jaw and goofy sci-fi tongue).
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    JediTricks makes some good points, but the movie IS still awesome from my perspective. I totally love new romps with my favorite movie characters, like Blade.

    I had a question though: what were the vampires in the club doing when they had that guy with his back ripped open and they were messing in his insides. He was obviously a vampire, so what was up with that? Why are they seen eating each other, sort of, in some other scenes in the club?

    Looking at the movie from both "in Blade's realm" and as a person going to see something contrived in Hollywood - sure one answer is "They wanted the effects guys to make stuff super weird." OK great...

    I am more interested in some kind of "plausible" fictional answer. Anyone got any?

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    I think I remember the Director on one "behind the scenes" snippets talking about how that's vampires' version of tatoos or something. I thought it was just to wierd people out, and that vampires by nature are sick like that.
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    Maybe it's like their version of the gauntlet.

    Can you take the pain?

    Dracula says to LeStat: "Hey, we're bored living for 1,000 years but I've got an idea: Let's rip your spine out of your body and see how long it takes you to regenerate a new one!"

    LeStat: "Hey, that sounds most-excellent, Old Dude!"

    Maybe if you and I become vampires, we can shoot each other with hand guns just to see what getting shot feels like.

    Well, if you're going to live forever, you might as well learn everything.

    No wonder Vampires are so scientifically advanced. That's one thing that was realistic about the movie. Imagine if DeVinci or Einstein were vampires. What would they have discovered by now?

    When they got bored of being vampires, they could always discover the cure for vampirism.

    Now there's a plot. Perhaps Pasteur is a vampire, or someone like the doctor that discovered cures for some famous diseases.

    The younger vampires don't even want to chance their fun getting interrupted by some vampire "police" that have this new cure to make them mortal again.

    Blade has to protect the vampire scientists. Interesting?

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    Blade II rocked...I've seen it twice. The fight scenes are awesome. I liked the whole Vampire Overlord thing, i was sorry to see him die. I would have much rather him escaped and the girl and Blade kill that "vampire-gone-bad." that way they could have teamed up in next flick to kill the Overlord. But that is my cray thoughts, I really just wanted to see that girl from Chile some more

    I do think the Overlord died WAY TOO EASY. To be that got to have some power. I know he was old and all, but he should have had more tricks then that. He was by far my favorite character in film...I mean who bathes in blood that you know and is not cool?

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    Actually, I liked that Nomak character even better. Something about an evil guy who is even more powerful than a regular Vampire, who hunts vampires. And I loved the way his jaw opened up with that cool tongue.

    The fights were the best though.
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    Novak was cool....but come on....the Vampire Overlord. I want to know how old that guy was, where he was born, and what is up with that skn tone. It would be him, the Emperor, Mumm-Ra, and Charon all hanging out on my shelf at home.

    I guess i just wish that he would not have died so cheesy. This should be a lesson to the vampires. Do not surrond yourself with weakbehind familiars, go ahead and turn them into Vampires to give yourself a better fighting chance. I would rather have 50 vampires fighting Blade then 50 dudes with shock sticks.

    Can't wait for three to come out.

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    I saw it and was not very impressed, I like the first one much more. I was glad to see Scud get his comeuppance in the way he did, and Reinhardt's death was long overdue.

    I thought the Blade character was underdeveloped . . . the only thing that interested me there was his relationship with the Overlord's daughter, which could have been better.

    Still, it was better than alot of other movies I've seen lately

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    I loved Blade II, as I previously stated, but now an inconsistency is bothering me:

    Blade's mother (in the first one) was actually younger looking than Blade (when she was a vampire).

    Why did the Overlord age? Couldn't he appear as any age he wanted to? Shouldn't he have 'gotten young' to try and kick Novak's butt?

    OK - I know the deal that the directors wanted Overlord to look like a father's age next to Novak, and so did the Overlord, to get Novak's sympathy appeal. But Overlord could have seen how the tides were turning. His son wouldn't have just killed 50 of the Overlord's best protectors just to get close enough to him for an apology!

    I also think it was cool how there was not a final conflict between Blade and the Overlord - that part would have been too predictable. (such as make Novak ultimately the good guy like he professes to Whistler that he was, then have Overlord kill him, so the final showdown was with Blade - much more predictable than how it came down, wouldn't you agree?)

    Finally, who was the Overlord? Surely not the first vampire ever? He was kind of the leader of the Vampire Nation, right? The real Master vampire (Dracula, or whoever it will be in the Blade legend) would never bother with a Vampire Nation and perhaps may be so invulnerable that they wouldn't bother with scientific experimenting such as in "Blade: The Attack of the Clones," which we saw. Perhaps the real Vampire First would also have the powers of a DayWalker, and be every bit an equal match for Blade.

    I can see another movie coming. Whistler and Blade might be close to a cure and need another Vampire's work, but the real Master steps in to prevent them from succeeding and tempts Blade with power, especially now since a woman has lured Blade towards accepting the Vampire's sin. Blade strays to the Dark Side. I can see it now, but it would be cool! Predictably, Whistler will bring him back, btw....

    Still, nice idea?


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