Blade was awesome!

A high adrenaline film however you look at it.

It was very highly concentrating on martial arts exhibition, especially sword fighting. Very predictable and pandered towards an unsophisticated audience the way it was shot, until the martial arts moves became closer to bare-hand and traditional weapons (versus sci-fi ones) and I could follow the moves as someone who's into the arts, and appreciate the choreography and the challenge that shooting those fight sequences involved. - Ah - here it is - with the vampires all turning into fire and ash when touched by Blade's silver, it was too cliche and easy for him - until he met the ghoulish zombie creatures. Then the martial arts got noticeably more interesting.

Second to that, it saw gore and special effects or make-up and costuming - almost into the Alien Autopsy stage. Also predictable, though the mad-scientist vampire and the forensics specialist vampire chic were new twists that were a lot of fun.

Next, it was poetically put together, with a romantic tragedy worked into it, and an appocalyptic countdown that had to be stopped before all the world would be dominated by the blood-suckers. Typical, but nicely done. The vampire commando team was a crazy, but great idea. Though it wonders if the writers wanted to make a vampire movie, or redo the Dirty Dozen?

Finally, the plot twists, double-crosses (if you pardon the pun and how it applies to vampire movies), and the plot feints (like not knowing who will turn) were all a lot of fun.

I totally liked this movie and would watch it in the theaters again!

It actually was BETTER than the first Blade movie, something every sequel hopes to do.