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Thread: Blade II !!!

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    Blade II !!!

    Blade was awesome!

    A high adrenaline film however you look at it.

    It was very highly concentrating on martial arts exhibition, especially sword fighting. Very predictable and pandered towards an unsophisticated audience the way it was shot, until the martial arts moves became closer to bare-hand and traditional weapons (versus sci-fi ones) and I could follow the moves as someone who's into the arts, and appreciate the choreography and the challenge that shooting those fight sequences involved. - Ah - here it is - with the vampires all turning into fire and ash when touched by Blade's silver, it was too cliche and easy for him - until he met the ghoulish zombie creatures. Then the martial arts got noticeably more interesting.

    Second to that, it saw gore and special effects or make-up and costuming - almost into the Alien Autopsy stage. Also predictable, though the mad-scientist vampire and the forensics specialist vampire chic were new twists that were a lot of fun.

    Next, it was poetically put together, with a romantic tragedy worked into it, and an appocalyptic countdown that had to be stopped before all the world would be dominated by the blood-suckers. Typical, but nicely done. The vampire commando team was a crazy, but great idea. Though it wonders if the writers wanted to make a vampire movie, or redo the Dirty Dozen?

    Finally, the plot twists, double-crosses (if you pardon the pun and how it applies to vampire movies), and the plot feints (like not knowing who will turn) were all a lot of fun.

    I totally liked this movie and would watch it in the theaters again!

    It actually was BETTER than the first Blade movie, something every sequel hopes to do.

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    I enjoyed this movie as well. I was a fan of the Marvel Comic character before the first movie, and I liked the first movie too. But Blade II was spectacular. It was just what it should have been. It was a nice break from these "Hollywood Art" films like "In the Bedroom" and whatnot.

    Blade II was the only comic based movie that I think surpassed the actual comic. It has to be the best action sci-fi hybred since Matrix. It was just a cool, bad *** action film, everything it should've been and more.
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    I just watched Blade for the first time today ( commence flaming ) and I really liked it. I'm not sure why it took me 4 years to see it, but I'm glad I did. And I plan on seeing Blade II in a theater, probably this weekend

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    I liked it. The final battle was awsome. The only thing that I saw wrong with this movie was the fact that it didn't seem like much was at stake compared to the original movie. Then again, there isn't a lot out there more threatening than the ressurrection of a vampire god.

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    In the next movie, Blade is going to learn something we all knew - that to destroy the largest vampire kingdom, he is going to have to infiltrate the IRS!

    -and they're going to want to know how he can afford those weapons and where that car came from!

    But seriously, I am enjoying these movies and hope we see more. I don't know how they can top this one, though!

    Blade II was awesome!

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    I almost forgot - did anyone see Dracula 2000?

    That movie also rocked! I like the way they took a spin on the Dracula legend and made him actually Judas!

    Will Blade take him on?!

    Buffy could ....well you know what I'd like HER to do.

    This movie made me hungry for more blood. The Vampire Princess deal in Anne Rice's stuff is due out soon, too. Isn't it?

    I'll miss Tom and Brad acting together. That was fun.

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    Tycho, I just couldn't get into D2K. Maybe 'cause I saw it in Jan '01

    But I do agree that the Judas storyline was a cool idea, and the way to kill him was a satisfying resolution.

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    now now tycho don't get too naughty in here...
    but have you seen Aaliyah in that vampire dress

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    D2K, The Queen of the Damned, and Buffy? I thought we were talking about something good...

    Anyways I don't think I'll see Blade 2 in theatres, I want to, but no transportation. Guess I'll just wait to see if a DVD boxset of Blade 2 and Blade comes out. Roeper gave it a thumbs down on that Ebert and Roeper show, the slimo.
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    I saw Blade II. Saying it is better than Blade I is a no-brainer. The first one was campy and weak. THE BADThe characters in the second one were cliche (The giant bald russian with a mallet?!!? C'mon...) The fight scenes were pretty cool until they crossed into CGI so bad it looked like video game graphics. I didn't see any twists and turns like Tycho mentioned. Well, okay I SAW them, but they were telegraphed so far in advance, they weren't really plot twists. The new sidekick turning bad, etc. It was an okay film, but I won't be buying it. THE GOODRon Pearlman, as always, rocked. And it was good to see Kris Kristofferson back, even if it was an incredulous contrivance. Old coots like him and Sam Elliot in We Were Soldiers are fun! I also liked the actor that played the main baddie/son of the old vampire. Hope to see more of him in the future. All in all the film was what it was. I've seen better. I've seen a lot worse.


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