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    Carnivorous Reek?

    It's obvious that the Acklay and the Nexu are carnivorous beasts and are beant on eating Padme, Obi Wan, and Anakin, but what about the Reek. It looks more like a herbivorous beast that would only stomp and gore them like a rhino, elephant, or raging bull. I remember reading somewhere a long time ago about them getting fed to the reek, but it doesn't look that way to me after seeing the look of the beast.
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    I dunno... He probably IS carnivorous. What would be the point of putting a creature like that into an arena if he weren't a total threat to the intended victims?

    I suppose if you want to use the argument that he doesn't LOOK like he has the physical traits of a total carnivore, then I suppose he could be an omnivore...
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    I think it would be really cool it he WAS a carnivore, or and omnivore. It would be kinda creepy (sort of minotaurish). The romans used animals that weren't carnivores in their spectacles though, either to figth each other and humans, or simply to gore or do worse thing to victims. (I can't imagine ol George going THAT far with this movie though, you know, the horny bull thing).
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    The Reek is in the Star Wars Universe. It is full of strange and interesting creatures. Just because it doesn't look carniverous it doesn't mean that it isn't. I'd have to say it is carniverous, otherwise the audience won't feel like the Jedi are in trouble.


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    I'd say the Reek is like a bull. Not carnivorous, but still very territorial and angry.

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    I don't know about the rest of you but I'm afraid of many large creatures who have absolutely no interest in eating me. I'm standing by my conviction that the reek is dangerous, not because it's carnivorus, but because it's got big horns and likes to stomp and gore people like a rhino. Hell, maybe George will prove me wrong and have the reek eat a few Geonosians, or maybe a jedi or two or, if I could have my ultimate wish, aurra sing.
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    The Reek has no teeth only a bony ridge which indicate a cud chewing nature like a cow or Bull. The Reek is only dangerous because of it's territorial nature and aggresion in the face of anything that isn't normal. Jedi and the arena could be seen as not normal for this creature as well as the fact that the Geonosians prod the poor buggar with electro poles to get him nice and riled. The Reek wouldn't eat anything that it killed but it would, like a bull in a Spanish bullfighting ring, fight to the death to protect itself. Those horns and it's feet would prove to be very formiddable weapons as would its size and weight. Also the Reek has a horn on its belly that it could use by lying on an opponent. Kinda like a wrestling belly flop move (I forget the name of that move)

    The Acklay is a carnivore as it has serated teeth and claws to tear and the same could be said of the Nexu. The Nexu is close to a cat and the Acklay is close to a crab or lobster all are carnivores of a sort.

    But the Reek most definately isn't designed as a carnivore.

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    I don't believe any of the Reeks eat anybody or anything in the Arena, but they do have a rather jagged ridge. It's reminicent of a scene that didn't make it into Gladiator, where a rhinocerous was featured in the Colosseum.

    However, unlike Rome, there is little vegetation on Geonosis, which does seem to confirm that the Reek's principal diet has to consist of meat.

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    Little surface vegetation. But is the Reek indiginous to Geonosis? I think the colouration is decieving. I have a hunch that all the exotic lifeforms are imported much like the Rancor of ROTJ. The Rancor was not indiginous to Tatooine but he appeared there as a caged animal much like these arena creatures are. Who's to say that Jabba didn't have his own arena set up with gladiatorial games?

    It's more likely the poor old Reek was picked up from some verdant planet and transported to Geonosis by the Geonosians allies. maybe as a gift. Maybe they have dial a beast in the star wars galaxy. You call them up and they deliver a beast right to your planet. Two million credit callout charge if you live in another neighbourhood.....

    it's also possible that the vegetation on Geonosis is underground or just below the surface. That's how they got round it on Tatooine by saying the Ronto grazed the lichen just under the sandy surface. So why couldn't the same work for the Reek? There's alot of steam on Geonosis so there's gotta be water somewhere. if there's water there's vegetation. Ergo food for the Reek I'm being a smartypants now aren't I?

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