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    Cantina Alien physiology...

    I just picked up the Momaw Nadon figure (yes I know... late late late) and saw that he had these little "baleen" type structures on the sides of his head... is that supposed to be his "mouths" or what??? Where IS his mouth???
    Is that little tube under Muftak's (?) face HIS mouth? Just kinda curious since they were sitting in a place, enjoying beverages... how could they if there was no way to get 'em down!
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    I remember reading something saying Momaw Nadon has two mouths, one on each side of his head. This allows him to have multiple conversations at the same time. Can't remember where I read it...I'll try and find out.


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    The official site says that Ithorians have two mouths on the side of their necks/heads that allows them to speak in stereo. If they evolved would the get quadrophonic speech?

    Muftak does seem to use the little tube as his mouth. In the film he wipes some beverage from it with his hand/paw. Just as he makes his little vocal 'Minnminnaminna' nasal sound. there's no way to type that sound he makes. But I think yes, that they are indeed the mouths on those characters.

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    JEDIpartnr, if you ever get a chance to take an up close look at the original production design for the character done by Ron Cobb for the original film, you will see that the character was designed as an aquatic creature. There are notations all over the drawing stating exactly that, and even a sketch of his head stretched out flat as he swims through the water. You can even see that he is taking in water through both of his mouths on either side of his head (in the drawing he even has an extra set of eyes on the top of his eyestalks so that he can see in front of him as he's swimming!). This is probably the origin of the gill like appearance of the figures mouths!

    Which reminds me of a concern I've always had: Why are there so many aquatic creatures on Tattooine? There were an awful lot of walking starfish (Ishi Tib) in Mos Espa and even a few Squidheads!


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