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    Mr Roger's last show tomorrow

    Wow, Fred Rogers (aka Mister Rogers of Mister Rogers' Neighborhood) is airing his last new show tomorrow on PBS. He's been entertaining and educating kids with his own show since the mid '60s, and has the longest-running show on PBS, but tomorrow, he puts on his sweater one last time. PBS will still air older episodes, but Rogers is moving on to write books about good play habits for kids. I haven't watched nearly as many episodes of Mr Rogers as I have Sesame Street over my lifetime, but I found that having the gentle Mr Rogers interact with Trolley and the other Make-Believe (and real) friends in his neighborhood made it a lot easier as a young kid to cope with the adult world. Fred Rogers' theme behind his show was to let every little kid know that they are special without making the idea complicated. His show isn't flashy and he's not an exciting celebrity-type, but he's sincere and his show is a simple, positive influence on young kids.

    Fred Rogers is 82, he's a minister, a vegetarian, has been married to the same woman for 50 years, has several kids, and all his sweaters on the show were made by his mother. But to many folks, he's simply a nice guy who changes his shoes and coat, and spends some time being a good neighbor. I know I'll miss him on his show, even if I haven't watched it in a while.
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    Yeah. I grew up on Fred Rogers and Sesame Street so I'm a little sad to see it go, knowing my daughter will never get to see him the way I used to. I think I will watch it with her tomorrow just so I can say I watched it with her. Knowing he will never read this , I would still like to say Thank You to Mr. Rogers for helping shape me during my formative years. Way to go Fred....

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    I second that Rollo. Mr. Rogers was there all my life and I absolutely loved him while I was growing up. I too am really sad that my future children won't get to benefit from his friendly, educational entertainment. I read a wonderful article about him and his last show just a couple of days ago, but I can't for the life of me remember which newspaper or magazine it was in.

    Anyone here who has never seen his show, I heartily recommend checking it out in reruns. It's worth it.
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    Ah yes....Mister Rogers! I loved that show, I grew up on him. Trolly was the best!
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    All I can say is it's hard to believe.
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    Dang it!!! I'll be traveling tomorrow so I'll be missing it. I'll have to have someone tape it for me.
    It's too bad that it's his last show. I always found those video's he showed to be quite interesting. Even if they are meant for kids.

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    Yeah it's weird, when you go through life there's things that are stable, things that always seem to be there, but as you get older you find that everything, even Mister Rogers has to end sometime! I'm sad to see it end, but hopefully it will now become the longest running syndicate show on PBS!!! ThanX Fred Rogers!!!!!

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    Its a buetiful day in the neighbor hood, a buetiful day for a neighbor. Won't you be, please wont you be, oh wont you be my neighbor.

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    Its sad and hard to think that my kids will grow up without him.Goodbye Mr. Rogers
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