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    all in good time, all in good time

    i got's to finish gsj's autumn goove

    waddaya's think? a mix tape gets done in a flash (or even 6 months for that matter)

    once i complete it, i will send a complete single mailing package including the id4 alien attack ship and jt's converted ltd (btw, do you be needin' the reg. ltd as well? i got's one, and got's no use fer it, let me know). i know we talked about the voyager shuttle craft as well, but i do believe that was already sent along with the divine miss j's broken voyager. at least i think it was, cause i no longer seem to have the dupe in my poss.

    also to keep shipping costs down, i am awaiting arrival of parcel, which will be included, so's that it can take it's e-mailed discussed tour of the americas.
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    Regular LTD would be awesome too! Thanks for the 411 on all that. I have got so much on my plate lately that I can't remember what's coming and going anymore.
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    Talking all in Goooo time for the autumn GOOOOVE, eh? ;D

    why you so eager to shoot another gooovetape my way? aren't you livin in fear of the vicious critique i've yet to give your last tape?
    ok, since we're doin this already anyway i'll fwd plain old ltd too even though there'll be no joy for me in viewin that one


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