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    Props to LBC & Haggie

    Just received an ILC from Haggie in a box so minty the whole house smells like a box of girl scout cookies! Yum! Everyone here should be so fortunate as to receive a ship packed with expert care by the Haggmeister.

    LBC has also winged a Defender this way, in a straight 1:1 trade for an ILC. As with so many other acts of camaraderie by the folks here, LBC exemplifies the wonderful spirit of this forum.

    Before VT, I was always wary of 3-way trades/deals, but since seeing his finesse, and with the great reputations of the regualrs here, I had no reservations at all about this deal. Thanks again to Haggie and LBC!

    For any and all regulars on this forum, my collection list is linked to my web page. If you see anything you need that I have duplicates of, please let me know. Maybe we can work out a trade?
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    Thumbs up Don't forget to give props to yourself

    SWAF & Haggie,

    I'm glad that the trade turned out okay. I know it took a few weeks for us to finalize the trade, but I am glad to see that it looks like we've all made the right deal. So kudos to SWAF and Haggie for helping to put this all together.

    It looks like everyone has benefited from participating in this three-way trade. Look forward to making some more deals. I feel sorta like Monty Hall.


    SWAF, let me know when the Defender arrives.
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    Lightbulb yo haggie! hope you see this in time :D

    be sure to check out hunt post 202, & also the "surprise colorado" thred in Just Found

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    more props to Haggie for scoring me a set of the new Target exclusive battlepacks, and to Caesar for scoring a 2nd set of three of them for openers.


    trade / deal with these folks with complete confidence, everyone.
    "We have enough youth. We need a fountain of SMART!"

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    GSJ is COOL

    good shipment jansen

    received the MM aliens pack w/ APC that nestles snug as a bug in the bay of the AF aliens dropship. Is it my imagination, or is it metal instead of plastic? It feels metal. Very nice touch for an 'armored' vehicle. There's also an MM aliens derelict ship, a nifty queen alien and corporal hicks. thanks muchly, GSJ! I sure wish you'd reply to my messages asking about how to settle-up on this.

    VT, I now have two mm aliens derilict horseshoeships. will be shipping one your way, but bafore doing so would like to know if there's anything else I've mentioned having available that you'd also want. well???
    "We have enough youth. We need a fountain of SMART!"

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    Lightbulb not sure but i think the undercarriage is metal & the rest is plastic. . .

    . . .so as to give it rolly momentum
    hmm, aside from your remarks on Hump & certain gendiscuss thredz ( ), nuthin else comes to mind offhand, but you gotta good idear what's sought on this end so feel free to use this end for your unwanted-xtras garbage disposal meanwhile i'm Still waitin to hear back from other guy about af warrior bug i had a bead on for you
    that reminds me, i wonder if s43 will Ever send me the trade fodder he owes
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    i ain't been dodging your e-mails, jes been a bit busy of late.

    when your pm box was full, i was gonna e-mail you direct, but then someone musta rung a bell around here and things havn't quieted down since.

    as fer payment, all's i ask is that you keep an eye open fer me when you do stumble upon the wave 2 af's. i still havn't seen any of the wave one's here in south fla. i must live in scalper central. when ever i go into the usual joints, the af space on the shelf is always empty.

    so when you see wave II jes pick me up a set (which of course i will reimburse ya for), and as far as i'm concerened we'll be more than square. (cause i'm gonna prolly ask that you keep doing this for me through the future waves as well)

    that way, my lil' mm score fer ya will help reimburse ya for the time and trouble that i'm gonna impose on ya in the forseeable future!
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    VT is correct about the APC being metal only on the bottom, I just checked mine to be sure. It's quite large and hefty for an MM, but my imagination always builds it up to be about 25% heavier than it actually is.

    VT, what happened with that MIB LTD MM?
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    Haggie is a good collector. Someday I'll get to meet him/her.
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    Talking what happened with that MIB LTD MM?

    yeah gsj, wha hoppen?


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