Just received an ILC from Haggie in a box so minty the whole house smells like a box of girl scout cookies! Yum! Everyone here should be so fortunate as to receive a ship packed with expert care by the Haggmeister.

LBC has also winged a Defender this way, in a straight 1:1 trade for an ILC. As with so many other acts of camaraderie by the folks here, LBC exemplifies the wonderful spirit of this forum.

Before VT, I was always wary of 3-way trades/deals, but since seeing his finesse, and with the great reputations of the regualrs here, I had no reservations at all about this deal. Thanks again to Haggie and LBC!

For any and all regulars on this forum, my collection list is linked to my web page. If you see anything you need that I have duplicates of, please let me know. Maybe we can work out a trade?