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    Creepy Inspiration for Yoda?

    I've debated this long and hard, and have discussed this with many of my friends (most of whom could care less about Star Wars) but I have to post this for fear of losing my mind. This is a somewhat long post, so either bear with me or get out while you still can (If I were you I'd pick the latter because, if you're like me, you'll walk away from this forum with nightmares) Here goes.......

    Ever since my childhood I have had a recurring nightmare where I wake up in my old bedroom in my old house to the sound of a hideous moaning noise. I am compelled to investigate despite my dread and am drawn by the frightful sound down the back hall steps into my grandmother's kitchen. Upon opening the doo I see a man-sized Yoda, only evil looking, sitting on the table making that terrible noise - only louder. Then I wake up and turn on the lighths and am afraid for the rest of the night. (on an unrelated note, when,a few years ago, I first saw a picture of that banned trading card with the Yodas worshipping a big Yoda statue, I freaked)

    The nightmare came back every now and then but I could never figure out how I could have been in such fear of Yoda. Then, last year, while watching re-runs of the old Spiderman cartoon on channel forty it came to me. There was one episode where there's this Egyptian Magician (no Jerky Boys jokes please, I'm serious) who came from another dimension that spiderman had to fight. HE LOOKED EXACTLY LIKE AN EVIL VERSION OF YODA!! I now remember seeing that episode when I was a kid and it is undoubtedly the source of my nightmares and fear of Yoda even though I must have repressed it over the years.

    What, you ask, is the point to all this? ---- That cartoon was out at least in the 1970s so my theory is that Yoda is, in fact, a shrunken, muppetized, good version of the Egyptian Magician from the Spiderman Cartoon. PLease, I beg anyone who was able to read this post and tell me I'm not crazy!!!!!!
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    you could very well be right .Everytime my kids watch the Jungle book disney cartoon I swear that's where Chewbacca's name came from.
    King Louis "scat" song.When he's jumping rope with his own arms he's saying Chewbacca. Ape? chewbacca?I've always wondered if that was George Lucus' inspiration for the name.
    Bye to all.thanks for some good times.

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    I thought he said something else like "Chuby-doo" but I haven't seen it in a LONG time so I don't remember it clearly. Hmm...all I know about what Yoda was based one is that his eyes are based on Albert Einstein's.
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    It's funny but if you heard it now it would just about scream at you.He was saying "you who who" through the song but in one of the short "scat" sequences he's saying Chewbacca chewbacca chewbacca"Three times.Find one LT and you'll see what I mean.Serious.I also had heard of the Einstein eye thing.
    Bye to all.thanks for some good times.

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    When I was a kid I had the Jungle Book Record and when me and my sister used to sing along to that song (shut up I was a kid alright) we used to say CHEWBACCA, CHEWBACCA, CHEWBACCA!!!!

    I'm SURE that's what Louis was sayg! HE WAS!!

    PS. Somebody PLEASE say you saw that Spiderman Episode too.

    BTW To keep this thread where it is, I heard a rumor that in AOTC, there was going to be a fight between Dooku and Yoda, ... OH and Padme is now a senator, and so is Jar Jar, and Yarael Poof has been replaced by someone uglier........
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    I never heard about Yoda and Einstein but I heard about ET and Einstein.
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    Anyway,I think your right Bosskman.It was ET I heard that about not Yoda.Thanks man I knew I wasn't nuts about that song.
    I never saw the spiderman episode at least not that I can remember.So I guess you're still nuts
    Bye to all.thanks for some good times.

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    If I remember correctly, that Yoda guy was on the episode called 'Evil Sorceror'. His name was Hotep or something.

    And the Star Wars Trivial Pursuit game has a question about Yoda's eyes and the answer is Einstein. proof enough?
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    I can't believe it! The song went like this:

    Spiderman, spiderman
    Does whatever a spider can
    spins a web, any size
    catches thieves, just like flies

    Look out,
    Here comes the Spiderman


    ...and so on.......

    I remember J Jonah Jameson was always blaming all the bad stuff on Spiderman, and once he made a robot to kill Spiderman. There were all sorts of vilains like Mysterio, the Rhino, a big black blob that ate NYC, and the good ol' Green Goblin. The cops were really stereotypically shanty Irish (I can say that, I'm Irish........mostly)I think we got it on an American channel so it couldn't have been just a Canadian thing. The animation was pretty bad, some episodes were better than others. (not as bad as the hulk though)

    The episode with the Yoda guy was a half hour long I think (as opposed to the 10 or 15 minute ones). In it, he was trying to ressurect a bunch of demons or something and Spiderman had to break his scepter to stop him. At some point in the show he became gigantic. THE GUY IS A BIGGER EVIL VERSION OF YODA!!! (or rather Yoda is a smaller, more benign version of him) The shape of his head and ears alone prove that he has got to be the inspiration for Yoda. I'm not crazy!

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    I'm going to search the net for a pic of this guy, or a link or something............
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