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Thread: Jango Kamino

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    Jango Kamino

    I just got my Jango. I must say that I am a little disappointed that his stance is so similar to the preview figure. Oh well.

    While I'm on the subject of Jango Kamino - can someone tell me the correct way to secure his long black rope? Or steer me to some pics that will show me? Thanks!

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    I think his stance is a lot less wider than the preview version, I like it more. As far as the grppling hook, wrap the rope around the peg that is on his right arm band, then snap the hook around it.
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    Sounds like a "Sticks out like a sore thumb" feature.
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    Re: WOW!

    Originally posted by JEDIpartnr
    Sounds like a "Sticks out like a sore thumb" feature.
    Well there's only so much you can do with 3 3/4 inches of plastic.
    Personally this is one of my favorite features of any of the AOTC figures; it's not spring loaded, magnet loaded, force loaded...etc

    Just pure imagination and fun at work
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    I suppose...

    or... they could have had it spool into a coil in the space between his backpack and his back...

    no... magnets, springs... all those gimmicks are bad.
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    I have one coming to me from eBay, but I think I'll get another one April 23 so I can cut off the string and that sand down the peg, and maybe scuplt another small feature, like an under-arm blaster or something.

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    Im already planning on picking up an extra Obi Wan and Jango(even though I already have them) to customize as well. Im thinking of taking one of those pegwarming Farmer Qui Gons I got for $2, and swap Obi Wan's lower body, legs and head, into Qui Gon's body, since I like the way his arms are sculped, you can almost pose him in a 2 handed Lightsaber stance. And like the guy before me said I might fix up that grappling hook feature on Jango. Also I might have an idea to turn another pegwarming POTJ Choco Obi Wan into Jedi Anaking, but I just hate having to paint cause it ends up being a mess
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    I just saw some excellent pics of this figure with the rope clearly wrapped around his rocket pack (where the pack meets the body).

    As for the spring-loaded issue.... he is spring loaded. (Firing rocket....? All that good stuff?) Guess this Jango has GOT IT ALL....

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    Just wrap the rope around his rocketpack, it conceals it rather nicely. At first I balked at such a feature on this figure; but after spending a few minutes playing with him I understood just what a cool feature it is.

    The rocket firing pack is another awesome feature, only I suggest keeping the oversized rocket in the pack and firing it occasionally, as the rocket pack from my 300th Boba has corroded shut and I can't pull the non-firing rocket out anymore. Sure it's less accurate, but that's what the Preview Jango is for. If the extra piece sticking through the bottom of the rocket launcher bothers you that much you can clip most of it off anyways. Just don't go firing it into your little brother's mouth afterwards.

    Overall, I think this is one of the best figures in the line. He might not be the most accurate but he is the most fun. The only complaint I really have is the paint job on his face could be a little more resilient, as taking the helmet off and putting it on has resulted in two bald spots on the side of his head and half of his right eyebrow being rubbed off. Oh well, I'll buy another one to keep mint and just continue to have fun with this one.
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    But firing mechanisms are intended for the damage one can inflict ones younger and much smaller brother or dog or cat. Small working parts are supposed to be ingested or inserted into small body cavities and lost regularly before being chewed into a mangled mess of nothingness while watching cartoons on a saturday morning. The figure should be immersed in hot soapy water at every opportunity and the rope tied somewhere and then forgotten about. Bury it, burn it, lose it, loan it, break it and fix it up. That's what playing with toys is all about. :happy:

    I'm cutting the rope peg off the arm when I get mine. I'm going to make a knot in the end of the rope and then a small hole in the arm so that i can either have the rope attached or not and the figure will still look good and not retarded like it does with the huge square peg.


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