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    Question What did you see and not buy?

    I know some of you cannot find the things you want at the store. But what is the one thing you saw and didn't buy and later you wished you would have?

    Mine is the EU line. I saw all of these at my local KB for something like $3.97 each. A great deal. I was playing Highschool baseball and didn't have a job so my spending money was tight. Later I had to buy all of these at secondary prices. Most weren't bad, but $45.00 I spent on the Dark Trooper and Space Trooper sure hurt.

    So what did you see and not buy, but wished you would have?
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    I saw the Han w/ Taun Taun once at a FAO Shwartz once when I was on vacation. They just came out, and I thought I'd get him back home and cheaper. Never saw that piece again.

    I also didn't buy a lot of E1 when it came out, but caught up with most when they all went on sale at TRU last year.
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    Nothing. If I'm tight on cash, I'll bust out the credit card. The only thing that I'm kicking myself in the butt for is when the Fan Club was selling the Lifesize Han Solo in Carbonite for $600. Now I can't find one. I once saw one on Ebay for around $1,300 a couple of months ago. And now I want to get a Star Wars Triology Pinball machine because no one makes pinball machines anymore. But at the same time I'm trying to save money for April 23 and Celebration II.
    But I was going to Tosche Station to pick up some Star Wars figures!!!

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    Though I do the same thing as jedihunter25 with the plastic nowadays, I missed the following at retail:

    Luke w/ Tauntaun
    Mynock Hunt (passed up twice)
    Ree Yees & Death Star Trooper (passed up twice each)
    12" Han w/ Tauntaun
    Electronic 12" C-3PO and R2-D2
    12" TC-14
    3.75" IG-88 variation
    Original AT-ST
    Dash's Outrider
    Red Box STAP (I normally don't get packaging variations, but this figure had a noticeably different paint job from the green box preview version.)

    And many more!
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    12" Electronic Vader
    12" Electronic Boba Fett
    a bunch of other 12 "
    Jedi Star FIghter
    Most vehicles without figures

    I can also tell you that i will be skipping on the Unleashed figures.
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    I passed on Ree-Yees too, because it was the date before receipts would count towards getting the "free" E1 Mace Windu figure, and I figured (pun always intended) I could find it the next day. Not! Got him from the Fan Club with DS Trooper at $19.99 for both.
    Now I pass on things either a) waiting for them to go on sale or b) I don't think they're of good quality. Cases in point: 25th Anniversary figs, deluxe figs, figs with vehicles (TIE Whatever, AT-ST and Speeder Bike, etc).
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    wasn't starwars but one time In saw the manga spawn (HTF for mcfarlane collecters) for about $16 which I thought (at that time) being a very good price but I didn't really know if I should buy it and thought Ima check back later when I'm done going to the other shops - then about 2 hours later I went back and he was gone I was so ****ed at that time
    but I luckily found him later in another shop for the same price


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