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    Be wary, TV spots have been popping up as well.

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    I think this movie is actually going to do very well. After all, its being marketed more towards the kids of today than to the adults who grew up watching the cartoons as kids.

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    This movie is going to suck sooooooo bad.....

    That it will go full circle to the point where it ceases to suck.....

    before it starts to suck all over again.
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    Well. . .I am glad to see that we all agree on the suckiness of this soon to be "blockbuster." Its unforunate that parents will throw thier money away so their kids can see this nonsense. I'm also disturbed by the fact Gellar and Prinz were casted. As bad as Gellar is, Prinz takes the cake! What a dissaster casting him was! And I'm surprised no one has mentioned the "fight" scenes. I was a big fan of the cartoons. . .but not once. . .ONCE. . .do I remember any "fight" sequences. When I saw Gellar flying through the air kickig like Charlie's Angels I wanted to scream! But then. . .they show a clip of Freddy getting into the mix. . .throwing a punch or two. What the HECK is that!?!?!?! All I remember from the cartoons is running. . .running. . .hiding. . .more running. . .and a bootleg trap that catches the villian, Shaggy, and Scoob!!! I'm for them bringing back the Mystery Science 3000 cast, so that they can put their sillohetted heads in the lower right corner to make witty coments on how crappy the movie is.
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    For what it is, I think it looks pretty cool. Especially the CG Scooby, he's not supposed to look real and we're not supposed to take this movie seriously. I see it as an amusing way to kill 2 hours; but not in a movie theater.

    In any case, can it possibly be worse than Space Jam?
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    Hmmmm. . .I had forgotten how bad Space Jam was. . .interseting. . .very interesting.
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    Originally posted by bigbarada
    In any case, can it possibly be worse than Space Jam?
    I don't think that is even possible, BigB.

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    No Way Lilard looks EXACTLY like any human version Shaggy. Any closer he would be the cartoon himself.
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    The TV spots have been popping on stuff I've been watching. In my opinion it's terrible to no end, but by using cheap gimmicks (in otherwords; casting Geller and Prinze which the easily amused are going to flock to see) it will be a blockbuster....however it's gonna be in a shadow along with several other movies due to AOTC and Spider-Man.
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    Velma and daphne are hot, in the movie i mean.
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