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    Scooby Scooby Doo - Ruh Roh!

    So . . . . I saw the new trailer recently and I'm still trying to get my head around what I saw

    Prinze and Gellar, I'm not interested in . . .

    But I have to say that Matthew Lillard seemed to have Kasem's Shaggy voice down. At least, way more than I expected. I was surprised actually As for Scoobs, I really liked his voice but the CG just looks strange to me.

    I'm not expecting much from this movie

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    Unfortunately this is one of those movies that was best left as a cartoon. I don't think that it will do that well at the box office. Plus the people that are in it just make me want to throw up. Why do Freddie Prinze Jr. and Matthew Lillard appear in everything together. This is like their 4th film together. Is there no one else in hollywood to play these parts?
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    I agree, Lillard got the voice down better than I'm sure anyone expected, the bad part is though that he doesn't really look like Shaggy. As for Prinze Jr. and Geller, well they're HIGHLY unfit for those parts. I just saw about half that trailer and that was all I needed to see, just the one line I heard Gellar say she completely bombed out. And Prinze Jr. just didn't seem to be quite in character, considering his character seems way diferent than the cartoon one. The CGI Scooby, well the voice is alright but the CGI stank.

    Overall this movie should've stayed a cartoon and never have been touched, and I'm still mad at them for making that teaser trailer seem very Batman-ish cause I was hoping it would be a new Batman movie when I saw the teaser in theatres.
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    Whenever I see Prinze in that role, all I keep thinking is "I can see your roots!" He and Gellar are woefully miscast. I thought Lillard was dead on as Shaggy though. The dog looks like crap and I hope they improve it before the movie comes out this summer. I don't understand why they didn't incorporate more real footage of a real dog and "babeify" his mouth.

    Either way, this and MIIB are going to be the big disappointments of the summer.

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    I wonder, since the movie is so obviously meant to look like a bad cartoon, why not just make a bad cartoon?

    This looked bad, and I'm a huge fan of the old (pre-Scrappy) cartoons. If I want a Scooby movie, I'll just pop in the tape of the Scooby Doo on Zombie Island from a few years ago--now that's a great Scooby modernization.
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    Theres a new trailre out. where.
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    Mylow, your sig line is accurate

    I saw it before . . . Ice Age? I think that was it . . .

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    I can't wait to NOT see this movie! This has been on my "avoid at all costs" list ever since the first day I heard "CGI Scooby"... then I heard the cast list and that cemented it. They'd have to pay me to get me to see this thing.
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    O.K. I just watched Jay Leno and Freddie Prinze Jr. was on and they showed a clip from the movie, all I have to say is that this movie is going to be absolutely horrible. I for one will not be seeing this movie. I can't reason throwing my money away on a cr*ppy movie. This is going to be by far the biggest disappointment of the entire summer.

    Also Freddie Prinze Jr. has to now be one of my top HATED celebrities. I have never seen him do a decent job acting and every film he makes his horrible. I don't see what Hollywodd seems to see in him. Oh well, it's just my opinion.
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