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    We are almost done with the preliminary rounds, so there wasn't much left to match up.

    There's another starfighter matchup coming up next week - and it should be a fairly closer fight. I kept all the Classic Starfighters together so they could have at it without "favorite movie bias," etc. For examples, the X-wing faced the TIE Fighter and the A-wing took on the Interceptor in the preliminaries. They are going to stay in the same "weight class" for the next few rounds until one of them emerges a victor. IF the speederbike makes it out of the Quarterfinals, what difference does it make if it takes on ANY one of these starfighters? (to the average person, not the world's biggest bikerscout fan, I mean)

    Anyway, for the same reason, the N-1 isn't facing a Classic Starfighter right away, as the ship's merits has nothing to do with whether you like TPM less than the Classic movies, but I am going to add to the discussion in the Quarterfinals, whether you think the Losers amongst the preliminaries, could have faired better against the victors that the challengers from their latest match up faced. In otherwords, could the A-wing have beaten the X-wing if it hadn't already lost to the Interceptor? Sometimes ships are being beaten so bad, it's not worth asking. Other times, we should look at whether we were fair.

    The Snowspeeder faced the AT-AT because it was quite honestly a classic match we saw in the actual movie. It's loss was a sure thing, most likely, but when we figure out who the starfighter winner is, could the snowspeeder have defeated that ship? Is anything from that classification going to be able to defeat the AT-AT? If the answer is yes, then it matters. Trust me, I will look into it.

    You guys seem to suggest you want the ships ranked? The Losers included the TIE Fighter, Snowspeeder, and A-wing. Which one of those is better than the next, sort of thing, eh? I have been toying with ideas on how to do this, probably with an extra poll, but maybe we should get the preliminaries done first? - Episode 2 stuff is coming out awfully fast and you guys are going to want to see those vehicles in the matches as soon as they come out (well almost - I have to give you guys time to find them and buy them. May 10 and 17 will be Episode Two vehicles in the Preliminaries).

    As far as ranking the other vehicles, I've also been recording the statistics on how much they win or lose by. The Scoutwalker's victory is by far the most impressive, as more people voted in that fight than any other match. So it doesn't matter if the T-16 could have beat the Outrider as well, it never would have outgunned the AT-ST with the support the Scoutwalker has around here!

    As to the Cruisemissle Trooper and the 3 EU vehicles (airspeeder, single-pod cloud car, and that lazy-boy speederbike), plus the F/X X-wing: I'm leaving them out of it. I strongly doubt there's a lot of fan support for those vehicles anyway, but the Outrider actually was in the movie. Same with the swoop bike (though not the rider). Yes I know the F/X X-wing is a different case - and that's precisely the point. It's actually on real-scale with the action figures, but is it a toy accessory for them, or is it a model-prop with electronics? You can't take figures in and out of it (by design anyway) and TIE Fighters are larger than X-wings (watch the movie), so you can't make the F/X X-wing fight anything... what is it in scale to? (Luke's landspeeder probably....)

    So these vehicles are out.

    That comes back to your question: what should Slave-One have been matched up against?

    There's only 8 vehicles left that haven't had a prelimary fight and are eligible for matchups (and have been released already). There will be 10 more Preliminary fights total, but the E2 stuff will happen after I think you guys have had time to buy it and take it out of the box. So it is possible than the two Slave-One ships (SOTE and AOTC) will face off with one another, but let them get that far first. Again, what's the point? Only one will win. I don't want to get into which was better: ESB or AOTC? You can't even answer that for certain now, and it has nothing to do with the features on the toys. But it's also why I don't think the Jedi Starfighter should jump into the fray right now, either. (because a lot of you DO have that ship by now). The Jedi ship WILL fight in the Preliminaries, just not yet.

    The Outrider and Slave-One were both marketed as SOTE (Shadows of the Empire toys). So I thought it was best.

    The last 4 "older movie" matches include 2 more starfighter "dog-fights" and 2 "land vehicle fights" - neither of which is fair to pit the Outrider against either. One is a very small, light-vehicle match, the winner who will face the speederbike in the Quarterfinals. And the other is a mid-size vehicle match between land-crafts that can hold 4, 5 or more figures.

    So Slave-One seemed to be the best choice for an opponent for the Outrider. But I just doubt that the older Slave-One will make it out of the Quarterfinals, so it didn't matter to much to me that it's going to trounce all over the Outrider now.

    Anyway, there's some method to how I pick 'em for these fights, but we'll be careful and double-check our results after each Quarterfinal gets settled, and so-on after that.

    The Quarterfinals start May 24.

    The Semi-Finals are scheduled to begin July 19

    The Finals will be August 16.

    The Title Match? - August 30!!!

    With each match you guys can continue discussing what you liked and didn't like about each vehicle, and new people can come in and take a walk down nostalgia's lane (or bask in the glory of brand new finds - coming to Battle of the Machines very soon!)

    Anyway, this thread is about Dash Rendar's OUTRIDER, and Boba Fett's SLAVE-ONE!

    Post away!

    (and your opinions on the matchups are still -and always - welcome!)

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    If you take the actual ships then I'd have to choose the Outrider over Slave I. But since we're limited to toys it would have to be Slave I, the Outrider was a truly bad mould. Don't get me wrong I applaud Hasbro for making a totally new ship but its horribly out of scale and some of the detailing looks clumsy.

    Tycho I think you were right in matching these up a they are both modified starships, plus one is a 'good guy' ship and the other a 'bad guy' ship. So it seems to be a fair match.

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    Gotta go with the Slave 1 in this match up, just to the massive scaling problems with the Outrider. I love the look of the Outrider, but it's nowhere near the correct scale. The Slave 1 is also a tad small, but not quite as bad. It will be an intresting match up if the new E2 Slave 1 comes up against the old Slave 1 in a later match.

    I also can't support the Outrider, cause the other ship that was supposed to come out with it, was cancelled. Xizor's Virago would have been such a great ship, but Hasbro never got past designing her. I still remember the pictures of the foamcore design model.

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    I thought both ways... I mean, sure, the Slave I beats the Outrider toy wise, but what ship would win in a real (?) battle? Close one, I think... Outrider's got the firepower, but the Slave I has the small size and manauverability.

    Who would win? You decide!

    Point to Slave I though, toy-wise... Sure, the Outrider is awesome and all, but the unfairness kicks in cos I like Fett ten times better than I like Rendar.

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    slave 1 rules!

    i voted for the slave 1 just because its a funky, beat-up ship that proves it can take a pounding and keep on going - not to mention it's piloted by a couple of the baddest bounty hunters in the galaxy!
    that's not to say that the outrider doesn't deserve it's due credit. as depicted by numerous drawings and renderings, the outrider is one sweet-looking ship with a lot of potential. hasbro's interpretation of the outrider was rather disappointing. i think in their eagerness to appeal to a younger generation at the time it was released by utilizing big guns and "transforming" features they turned what could have been a great ship into just a mediocre toy. i'd love to see a "resculpt" of the outrider down the line.
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    I like the Outrider and all (it is kind of a cool design), but I like Slave-1 better. My biggest beef is that the POFT2 Fett doesn't fit all that well in it. Dash fits into the Outrider fine.
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    Boba Fett vs. Dash Rendar? I pick Boba.

    "Real" Slave 1 vs. "real" Outrider? I pick Slave 1.

    Toy Slave 1 vs. toy Outrider? I pick Slave 1.

    You can't get much more cut and dry than that.
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    I second bigb's post, and I'm not even part of the Fett "cult". I dislike the inclusion of Rendar, it seemed weak to introduce a rehashed Han Solo just because he's in carbonite limbo.
    So I cast a vote in favor of Fett's ship, while not voting from a Fett POV.

    Oh yeah, and the Slave I replaced my lost vintage model, that was exciting!

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    I like the design of the SOTE Outrider vehicle in the books and the Micro Machines and the Video Game and even the dang comic (which I didn't like anywhere near as much as the book and the game), but I just don't like the Hasbro Outrider, it's a real dog. It doesn't look right and it can't really even fit a figure in the cockpit, this thing sucks! I actually went out and got the Rawcliffe Pewter Outrider instead of buying the Hasbro one, and I am not a pewter-buyer usually.

    I'm no fan of that old Kenner Slave I, it's hollow and bland and misshapen, but it's a huge sight better than the Hasbro Outrider.
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    I Gotta Go with Slave 1 with a ruthless strong Bounty Hunter at it's controls and awesome weapons what more could you want from a ship like this.
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