Slave-One versus the Outrider marks our 10th Round of our Preliminary matches to determine the greatest Hasbro Star Wars vehicle of all time!

You are voting on the OLD Slave-One, People. Released in 1996 as part of the Shadows of the Empire toy line, this repaint of the mold used for the vintage Boba Fett's 1981 toy accessory was an exciting chance for early collectors of the modern line to expand their toy ship fleet early in the Star Wars renaissance. Slave One features a removeable side panel that allows playtime access to the interior of the ship. So Boba Fett can walk up his extending boarding ramp and into his cargo hold until he makes his way to the multi-position pilot's chair, which can be pivoted up into its flight position in the cockpit, with the use of a remote lever. Once its ready to fly, Slave-One can receive your help with a manual liftoff, but gravity will reposition its flight stabalizer wings all on its own - unless you lock the secret trigger on the carrying handle in back, and make the wings resist forward motion and act like braking flaps to help Fett achieve some of his trickier flight maneuvers. This Kuat Systems Firespray class light patrol craft also features twin, forward, pivoting laser cannons that operate on a linked firing system. Slave One sports a very detailed, battered and battle-worn art deco, easily making this toy one of the best paint jobs on a Star Wars toy vehicle in the history of the entire line. Finally, a bounty hunter's work is never done until he has captured its prey. Slave One comes ready to hold the Carbon Frozen Han Solo prop included with the toy!

Dash Rendar's Outrider has a lot more things Corellian about it. The ship is a light Corellian courier / cargo ship, but mercenary Dash Rendar has armed it to the teeth for fast and furious fighting, as well as more refined smuggling. The ship sports 2 pairs of twin blaster cannons, positioned centrally on the ships main freighter hull, on top and on bottom. You can make-believe the pilot can remotely operate them from the cockpit, but theoretically, they actually should be able to also be manned from inside. A pivoting ion cannon / military grade turbo laser cannon has been attached to the small freighter's side. On the opposite side of the ship, the cylindrical cockpit stems out of the ships main saucer hull and holds one action figure in a chair that can be manually rotated so the pilot is always "right-side-up" relative to the ship's normal flight axis. What's unique about the Outrider is that in battle, the ship can reposition its weaponry into almost a B-wing configuration by rotating its control and main weapons module ends along a central axis point, so they lock at a 90 degree angle to the hull, supported by a central "tunnel" structure that runs the width of the freighter. In this position, the Outrider can maximize the damage done with the super firepower this ship makes a show of flaunting! 4 manually operated landing gear let this ship park itself in position.

So which one do you think do you think has a shot at the top position amongst all the Star Wars vehicles turned into toys by Hasbro?

Vote for your favorite and then let's talk about these ships!