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    I have no idea what's gone wrong there...Do I really have to type it all out again?

    Just use the title, I'm sure you know what it's about.


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    WHAT IS GOING ON WITH THESE FORUMS...I think it's just me...and now I look like an idiot...


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    This thread should have said:

    Do you agree with cloning and genetical engineering?
    But my computer has screwed everything up...

    So, do you agree with cloning and ginetical engeneering?


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    Kind of like a lot if issues, theres no black and white when it comes to cloning, it's all sort of a gray area to me. One one hand, it would be cool if they could clone people for stuff like organ or limb replacement, but then how would it feel to be born just as a walking spare parts shop. So then you say, well, why not clone just the organs themselves, then people will say you're playing God. I think it's like the abortion issue, there will never be a final answer that satisfies everyone.

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    Well, to quote Dolly, "Baaaaaaaaaad."

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    i personally don't agree with it at all.
    Somethings should not be messed with IMO.
    I think there is alot we are not told about it.
    We do know about how much of a mess they make out of some animals they've tried it with.
    I find some scientists just so overly impressed with their own unimportance that they go way overboard sometimes.
    Just because you can do something mean you should.
    Bye to all.thanks for some good times.

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    What if we could clone just certain organs or parts to help kids or anyone else see, or hear, or even live? Would that be immoral? It seems to me if we had that technology and didn't use it, that would be immoral.

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    Well here is where I'm not sure about a great many things.If the Cells to be cloned are from your self or some other consenting adult then I agree with you 100%.I'm not sure if the whole Stem cell issue even comes into play here,if it does than My personal answer is no.
    Bye to all.thanks for some good times.

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    Cloning is good and will come about no matter what some people will say about its ethics.

    A fully cloned human should be treated just as a naturally made human. As it will share the same characteristics that a naturally born person would.

    As for using clones for body parts. The easy workaround is to simply clone only the necessary portion of the body, and not the whole thing. There's no actual life in one organ/part, its the whole of a body which creates life.

    I don't see any ethical issues other than the potential abuse of humans who would be artificially birthed. They could be deemed to be less of a human. But as long as proper steps are taken to prevent that, I see no problems.

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    Well, the major question about cloning would be... Why? Alot of the reasons that could be said would go against alot of stuff we've out-lawed. Like if we made clones just for battles, and they had no decision in the matter, well that would be slavery right there. Either way, constitutional rights would be in danger for a reason to clone a real person because well, if they're cloned in America, they're American Human Beings right there, either way you want to look at it, they're being cloned from a human being (unless it's an animal, but animal rights would still apply there) and then they'd be cloned in America, they have rights just like everyone else.

    Genectic engineering is quite different from just regular cloning though... to do so would mean taking the genectic evolution off of track.

    Either way, there is no real reason to clone or genectically engineer a person.

    Now if you want to clone an organ to save a life and you can do it with no complications and it would mean not needing some weird mechanical thing to be stuck in someone, then ok, one really good thing from cloning an organ from someone would be they would know it automatically matches.
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