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Thread: VA/DC/MD Finds

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    Glen Burnie Toys R Us had in Unleashed Luke, Obi-Wan(kickin'!) & Emperor. Also a 12" Lando skiff guard disguise(extremely hard to find) is stashed behind other 12" if anyone needs one. Glen Burnie Target has 12" Leia w/speeder on top A-wings. For LOTR collectors, they finally got line in. This am, had hard-to-find Eowyn in armor & Urak Hai w/crossbow. Both very nice figures.
    "In my experience there's no such thing as luck."

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    Quote Originally Posted by jonthejedi
    Laurel Target(off 295) had tons of A-wings on top shelf. Couldn't reach w/o help. Laurel Toys R Us on Rt. 1 had yellow clone trooper variant army. The only one I haven't seen is green variation.
    Thanks for the tip, jonthejedi! I ran right out of my office and hopped in the car. Got my A-wing. They had 3 or for down on the bottom shelf + the Wat Tambor wave of figs (Padme wedding, Younglings, Wat and Coleman Trebor)--but those I already had so I left them for other lucky collectors.

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    Target in Frederick had all the cinema scenes 2 days ago. It looks like hailfire and geonosian fighters are staying in stock everywhere. I still haven't seen the non-broken horn hoth 4-pack. I really want that one to have Han's Taun-Taun too.

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    Suncoast Motion Picture Co. in Marley Station Mall(Glen Burnie) got in(don't ask me why they're carrying SW again???!!) a box of CW wave 3...Durge & Clone Troopers with speeder bikes, 1 jedi knight army.
    "In my experience there's no such thing as luck."

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    Leia Speeder and more

    The Germantown Target had 2 Leia speederbikes on the top shelf an aisle over from other SW stuff. Also found Faytonni and Lame-o Luke there. Saw bashed up emperor at the Gaithersburg Target.

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    KB Springfield has CloneTrooper 3-packs (red) @ $15 (ouch), clone speeder bike, and two of the bonus packs (ARC & Anakin).

    Target had one Coleman & Wat.
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    Both WalMart & Target in BOwie had Wat Tambor. Emperor, WA-7, Coleman Trebor, Padme secret ceremony wave.
    "In my experience there's no such thing as luck."

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    new finds

    Ellicott City Toys R Us on Rt. 40 had good stock on new CW deluxe today: Durge w/speeder bike, clone trooper with speeder bike, and several jedi knight armies. Nearby Target on St. Johns rd. was the first place I've seen Anakin's new enhanced fighter. Still 4 there. Also has new LOTR Armies of Middle Earth.
    "In my experience there's no such thing as luck."

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    Hagerstown Target & TRU still have the same junk - Screen Scenes and CW 1st waves. I'd like to find the 2nd CW Wave while they are on sale at Target!

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    Glen Burnie Target on Crain Hwy. got in case(4) of Anakins souped-up starfighter
    "In my experience there's no such thing as luck."


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